Rami Malek on No Time to Die, Friendship with Daniel Craig & Meeting Prince William & Kate Middleton

Published on October 6, 2021

Rami talks about the world premiere of No Time to Die, hanging out with Daniel Craig and meeting him for the first time in full makeup, hanging out with Prince William and Kate Middleton, hosting SNL, a drawing that Kevin Nealon did of him, and Rami & Jimmy give the audience IMAX tickets to the movie.

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  • Kath 1 year ago

    When he’s up to baby sit Princess Kate (Dutchess of Cambridge) ‘s babies 😄

  • Checkpoint2012 1 year ago

    He’s so good in the movie!!!!!

  • Mellie O 1 year ago

    By far he is the most successful twilight actor

  • Margaret Waite 1 year ago

    Oh dear poor Rami got the wrong person. Kate didn’t just have a baby at all. Her youngest child is three years old. The new mother however ,is Meghan Markle , prince Harry’ s wife who had a baby only a couple of months ago so it’s no wonder Kate was thrown by Rami’ s comment.

  • Ch S 1 year ago

    Love him wish I had his watch very nice…..

  • S Wib 1 year ago

    He should play a pharaoh movie and king of jordan

  • Rizky Arifin 1 year ago

    US: October 8 2021
    UK & Asia: UNFORTUNATELY we already SHOWING & More Spoilers Coming up

  • Rizky Arifin 1 year ago

    USA: Waiting for October 8 2021
    International: Spoiler Alert!

    James Bond IS DEAD

  • Christian Andre Campos 1 year ago

    I just love Rami’s mannerisms

  • Vincent Lui 1 year ago

    What I’m quite disappointed about him is that he didn’t make much appearance in No Time To Die as he didn’t show his ruthlessness, cruelty and maliciousness. Also, I don’t even know why his face becomes like this. He only explained his father was killed by Spectre when he was young but how did it relate to his face? But overall, he is a notorious villain and really boosts more chemistry with Daniel.

  • zlameli 1 year ago

    He’s so captivating and wonderfully weird.

  • Astrid Haakonstad 1 year ago

    Rami is adorable & charming. I’m loving all the Bond promo interviews 🥰

  • hdw 1 year ago

    Every bond villian should wear all black..Rami got the memo.

  • Lee harry enty 1 year ago

    He seemed nice, I like nice it costs nothing 👍

  • Tom Mead 1 year ago

    Imagine interviewing someone and you talk more than the interviewee, painful.

  • Coffee Tea 1 year ago

    I always used to think Rami was English, until I heard him speak and I was shocked he’s American. he just gave me British vibes

  • jose rey Recinto 1 year ago

    he was awesome in The Pacific!!!

  • Penelope Collett 1 year ago

    I loved Bohemian Rhapsody and was so impressed by Rami Malek until I read how fame has gone to his head.
    Rachel Bilson, someone he went to school with and was good friends with at the time, posted a throwback pic of the two of them in high school in the the run-up to the 2019 Oscars. Rami sent her a curt, formal message to take it down.
    In another incident a young black kid was a huge fan and went to great lengths to meet him and when she finally did, she asked him to say hi to her friends via her phone but he said no, I’ll take a picture with you, that’s it.
    He’s since apologised to both of them. Hope he learns from his mistakes.
    Being a top tier actor doesn’t mean you’re god.

  • Akin Ogun 1 year ago


  • A R 1 year ago

    (“hello, worldn”)


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