Ralph Northam’s 1984 Blackface Explanation Is a Racism Dumpster Fire | The Daily Show

Published on February 4, 2019

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam withdraws previous comments in which he admitted being pictured in a racist 1984 yearbook photo, but admits that he wore shoe polish as blackface during a Michael Jackson dance competition the same year.



  • Carl Christmas 3 years ago

    Why no CC… Now I have to really listen to my girl talk about people she work with. I hate my life.

  • MagnuMagnus 3 years ago

    Almost owned up to his mistake, then doubled down on being a shithead.

  • Van Lyndel Tolentino 3 years ago

    My coworkers (in the Philippines) once did a group costume thing at a Christmas Party (?) as the Jackson Five. I tried to warn them not to do blackface but they couldn’t seem to understand what that is. Cringey. I just laughed so hard later on when I saw them without the makeup thinking they must have gotten the memo from someone higher than me.

  • True Black Knight 3 years ago

    This is when he knew he messed up his wife put her head down when he said I’m not a person of color she was like I’m going to step out of this ??????????????

  • Kundan Chhabra 3 years ago

    OMG! Bahahaha! He was actually about to moonwalk!

  • TheZchristina97 3 years ago

    You don’t actually need blackface depending on the era of Michael Jackson you’re trying to represent

  • BT 1000 3 years ago

    What about Jimmy Kimmel’s black face?

  • Tiel Master 3 years ago

    If he just said “sorry, it was a while ago but I step down because it’s still not okay,” it would have been so much better for him. But I guess a person had to be sorry to apologize. Just shut the hell up and step down already!

  • geri holder 3 years ago

    the only reason he is sorry is because he got caught!

  • Tycho Azrephet 3 years ago

    Northam: I am not in that photo, and I am certainly not the guy wearing blackface!

    So…wait…why would you deny the blackface thing if you’re not in the photo at all? Is that meant to imply you *are* in the photo and you’re actually the guy in the Klan hood?

    Northam: Certainly not! I can prove I’m not either of the men in that photo because I wore blackface on a completely separate occasion!

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????racists getting caught are fucking bafflingly. It’s like they’re looking right at the corner of the room and thinking: “oh boy cant wait to paint my way over there!”

  • ari20 3 years ago

    painting Black is racist .. period. What about white paint and wearing white wig … should they be considered costumes ?

  • Joe Roberts 3 years ago

    The high quality of Virginia’s military schools…totally not a stamp mill for wannabe slaveholders.

  • Nick Wade 3 years ago

    used car salesmen dont shovel that much b.s.

  • Thien T. Tran 3 years ago

    These guys should really take Aaron Burr’s advice in Hamilton “Talk Less, Smile More, Don’t let them know what you’re against and what you’re for” cuz at least for them it would make it harder to ridicule and bash.

  • Eric Bailey 3 years ago

    He is soooooo stupid.

  • David Harrison 3 years ago

    He handled this horribly. If he admitted it and apolgised then we would have forgotten about it by the next day.

  • Keep Moving 3 years ago

    God bless his wife for keeping him from dancing

  • icetwo 3 years ago

    This Photo is creepy.

  • TheMavWith_A_Mouth 3 years ago

    3:55 the fact that this jackass really looked around to see if he had space to do the moonwalk will NEVER get old!! ????

  • lizzy the owl 3 years ago

    His wife looked so done with him the entire time.


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