Racism Is Donald Trump’s Brand

Published on July 16, 2019

The President doesn’t engage in racism for fun. He does it because it’s his brand.

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  • Ben Brady 6 months ago

    I dislike trump as much as the next person….but jesus I miss when every late night program wasn’t an hour long tv show about him.

  • farvision 6 months ago

    Trump is too stupid to realize what he has done. Republicans are too stupid to create some spine and stand up. All the more reason for you to swear that you will vote next time around and get everybody you know to vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!!

  • an ngu 6 months ago

    Racist in his blood

  • Neil Synicus 6 months ago

    As Trump insisted on Tuesday that he didn’t “have a racist bone” in his body, Ocasio-Cortez hit back at the president once again.

    “You’re right, Mr. President — you don’t have a racist bone in your body,” she tweeted. “You have a racist mind in your head, and a racist heart in your chest.”

  • justme2me 6 months ago

    how does trump or his republican supporter define racism?

  • Jason 22 6 months ago

    The BBC news feed just made a typo error calling Trump the ‘Resident Trump’ and I think that kind of suits him better, since he’s only resident in the White House till next year 🤔

  • Cris Briones Fourzán Briones Fourzan 6 months ago

    Mr. Colbert, have you heard that Ivanka wants to run for President, now, because her father thinks that she would be a good one?
    It is concerning and worrisome!
    I wish I could tell her, “One step at the time, Ivanka. It’s not that easy.
    First, you realize that the USA is not your own personal property nor your playground, right?
    Second, the USA doesn’t belong to the Trump family.
    Third, this country is in a state of disarray due to your father’s non-governmental experience, incredible racism and criminality.
    Fourth, this country belongs to African-Americans, Hispanics, Islamics, and other races, too. Not just what your father wants people to believe.
    Fifth, you already showed that you don’t care whether the children in cages, kidnapped by your father (every day that your father keeps them incarcerated is a multitude of felonies, each one of these felonies is individual), keeps them starved to death, unable to take showers, give them a tooth brush… should I keep on?
    Not to mention that the ICE agents abuse some of them sexually, by presidential order.
    Six, a future president cannot have any felonies in their background; especially, prosecutable.
    Seven, do you really think that your father, if you were a president, wouldn’t tell you to continue his legacy of hatred, bigotry, and criminality?

  • sc0ttr0 6 months ago

    Racism is the entire Democratic platform. They even call each other racist. I’m sure some of you will call me racist now.

  • Phil Rabe 6 months ago

    Every week the orange turd gets even more vile. Hard to comprehend how we have fallen so low. Thanks, Vlad!

  • Jason M 6 months ago

    Those were the same jokes Seth Meyers had. I dont see how anyone can think Colbert is funny. It’s nothing but political propaganda with a live audience, stupid really

  • Thanos Fonias 6 months ago

    the best way to shift focus from your ties to known pedophiles is to say some random racist shit..

  • yehshivida 6 months ago

    U.N. Draft Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind
    with commentaries

    At the forty-eighth session (1996) the U.N. International Law Commission adopted the final text of the draft Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind, with commentaries, consisting of 20 articles divided into two parts: Part One, General Provisions (articles 1–15) and Part Two, Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind (articles 16–20). Part One contains provisions relating to the scope and application of the Code. Part Two includes the following crimes: aggression (article 16), genocide (article 17), crimes against humanity (article 18), crimes against United Nations and associated personnel (article 19), and war crimes (article 20). The text of the draft Code as adopted in 1996 is reproduced in annex IV, section 3 (b). ~

    Article 17 Crime of genocide

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    Article18 Crimes Against Humanity

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    #(c) torture; # [lock-down conditions]

    (d) enslavement;

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    #(g) arbitrary deportation or forcible transfer of population;

    #(h) arbitrary imprisonment;

    #(i) forced disappearance of persons; [parents of imprisoned children]

    (j) rape, enforced prostitution and #other forms of sexual abuse; [secret Facebook group posts]

    #(k) other inhumane acts which severely damage physical or mental integrity, health or human dignity, such as mutilation and severe bodily harm.

  • paul woodill 6 months ago

    Which writer makes jokes about racism? Aren’t you adding to the divisiveness by making fun of racism. Have you no sensitivity. what makes it ok for you to make jokes about such a painful subject. gutter trash speak is not beneficial .

  • Rmir2 6 months ago

    emmy just all value. And this guy is loosing it completely.

  • THE SAVAGE JEWS 6 months ago

    Racism is the klansman in chief stock & trade

  • dans h 6 months ago

    A pedophile all his life and a pathological liar all his life, the orange idiot is an incompetent lazy, and braindead self centered fraud and a racist dumb by nature!!

  • Magic Rhyno Creative 6 months ago

    All Pelosi had to do was put “Totally Not Racist” in quotes. Problem solved.

  • Lila Wagner 6 months ago

    Boneless??? What about those bone surs?

  • EmmaShadyLilly 6 months ago

    Racism isn’t in his bones, it’s in his heart!
    “Americans, if you don’t like your country you can leave.
    Mexicans, if you don’t like your country no you can not leave!!!”

  • hostiechick 6 months ago



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