Rachel Maddow Shares Common Wisdom About the Midterm Elections

Published on November 6, 2018

Rachel Maddow speculates about the consequences of possible outcomes of the 2018 midterm elections, historic voter turnout and why Trump making the elections about himself is a risk for the GOP.

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  • mandar kumthekar 2 years ago

    She is full of energy ????

  • Ata Maden 2 years ago

    she’s so unlikable that it’s insane she’s even allowed on tv

  • Kusum Harchand 2 years ago

    I like her glasses

  • Resa W 2 years ago

    Who is this boy? ?

  • K P 2 years ago

    Love her show, she’s honest and breaks things down! You know, honesty, remember that?

  • K P 2 years ago

    So grateful for journalists like Rachel, keep it up girl, haters gone hate.

  • Soheyl Moheb 2 years ago

    BOY, you guys have an active society. It’s even encouraged me to vote even though I’m not from U.S. xD.
    What a great political system you guys have and what wonderful groups of people live there.
    I read somewhere that the democracy in U.S. is suffering from a mid-life crisis and people want CHANGE. But this doesn’t change the fact that all the necessary elements to keep the democracy going, are in place.
    I always admire this and I hope you guys have the best possible results because you deserve it.

  • Nixon 2 years ago


  • Marina Vlady 2 years ago

    do it for yourself guys in a way where your heart feels at the right place. then if u made mistake u can decide later and know u did the best at the moment, i suggest to feel more with heart than just get all calculating and uncovering Zombies. There is such a thing as Zombie of Santa – and that does not even mea black santa. it is BOO scary who cares black or white any more, as soon as it is not strictly one or the other and start to duel each other.. I feel liek the focus of this exercise is definitely peaceful mission and support of health i dialog between any country with military past. When fallen soldiers died they did for us to be happy not to dig their REAL zombie images out of the grave and bother them by using as props.. that I just think attacking attention to new issues like Karavan, immigration NATO- helps to focus attention on more sore spots that were not traditionally were a consideration, the President Trump did truly an amazing gr8 fantastic job in that? would u say. Is like waking up Zombies- is that a Zombie or we can celebrate a peaceful resolution of deep subconscious fears? Even certain things came out as Zombie &solution maybe not what was planned or anticipated, but that was that mustard seed that woke everyone up from Zombie state? We have a bit of everything even Freud, plus Nietshe plus Jung &Solzhenitsin & Putin help Trump win or Hillary was too bloodthirsty? If we echo with walking dead and fixate on holding grudges, there gong to be no substance, inclusive means today in respect of the spirit, like Xmas spirit as an example lets not mix Zombies with X mas spirit – I mean both are spirits, but not quite, we can be multidimensional, just not confused..

  • team 89er 2 years ago

    Rachel Madcow you say ?

  • Jeremy Toh 2 years ago

    Somebody get Steve Kornacki a new touchscreen board!

  • Mary Albanesi 2 years ago

    RACHEL 2020!!!


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