Rachel Maddow Explains the Devin Nunes Memo

Published on February 2, 2018

Rachel Maddow talks about running The Rachel Maddow Show in the age of Trump and explains what’s really going on with the David Nunes memo.

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  • Aishhwariya Subramanian 3 years ago

    I love her.

  • Not Your Business 3 years ago

    she looks like link from rhett and link

  • Wes Hartman 3 years ago

    If only all Americans were as informed and intelligent as Rachel…

  • Karthik Sriram 3 years ago

    Love you Rachel Maddow. Hands down the best journalist ever. She could make an epic storyteller.

  • Abhishekh Bhati 3 years ago

    ‘Its weird, good night!’ – a phrase said every night since trump took office?

  • Scene N. Herd 3 years ago

    Joan de Arc

  • William Bravo 3 years ago

    Her last 13 words*… Classic Maddow diplomatic understatement. I’d have said “about as interesting as a crusty sock under a 13-year-old’s bed”.
    *”I don’t think it will change anything on Robert Mueller’s to-do list”

  • FN- 2187 3 years ago

    Waiting for triggered Trump supporters.

  • Cassie Stephenson 3 years ago

    Rachel is my hero. Shes so bae.

  • Cancun771 3 years ago

    The worst thing is, if you look at Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’, clearly most of the public does not give a hoot, is woefully uninformed and forms their opinions based on gut feeling.

  • Timon Myside 3 years ago

    I think Rachel overlooks one thing. The memo doesn’t have to prove anything, simply give Trump the “noise” he wants so he can publically justify firing Rod Rosenstein. If he does that, then Rosenstein’s replacement would be instructed by Trump to fire Mueller. The question then is do Republicans simply allow Trump to do this or not? Their current lack of spine would indicate he’ll get away with it.

  • Thomas Thompson 3 years ago

    Those hips though.

  • Return of Zeus 3 years ago

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  • DM 3 years ago

    The United States cannot have a KGB promoted, funded, and compromised president.

  • Girlfromdownunder 3 years ago

    Love Rachel ❤️


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