Rachel Maddow Discusses Iran’s Retaliation Against the US

Published on January 8, 2020

Rachel Maddow talks about fishing, early reports of retaliation from Iran and Trump’s rationale behind ordering a strike on an Iranian general.

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  • Nicki nurse 3 years ago

    Rachael your jacket is too small…long at the arm length….please get a taylor to adjust for you……I think it’s uncomfortable for you

  • Hydjra Sierra 3 years ago

    Hey Ms. Maddow the bomb was dropped and the guy is dead. Nobody can wish this back together again.

  • Peppe Ddu 3 years ago

    If this presidency was a movie I’d leave the theater half the way thru thinking it’s too corny to even seem plausible.

  • Yegwanihst 3 years ago

    Is there a Tesla generator on her t-shirt? #GreenNewDeal #TaxtheRich #Bernie2020

  • John O 3 years ago

    VOTE Blue!! End the gop and their endless wars

  • Joe De Amaral 3 years ago

    America sent a letter to Iraq informing them they would honour Iraq’s decision to have America leave the country…but America didn’t mean to send the official letter? Iraq doesn’t care and wants them out? American foreign policy is so bad now a days.

  • Hvalpikk 3 years ago

    Yep, Traitor trump really cares about American Citizens, after money, self interests, power, evading justice, being a dick etc etc etc…

  • Kim Linton 3 years ago

    Ah ain’t the special

  • Mark Daniels 3 years ago

    Leave the fish alone! Torture is not funny.

  • Johnny Bravo 3 years ago

    They assassinated him because the general was on a peace mission for Yemen and Saudi Arabia

  • Paul Boucek 3 years ago

    Sort of like Maddow saying “no way will Trump win the 2016 election”

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος 3 years ago

    Rachel Maddow is not a good source of information or commentary when it comes to Trump and foreign affairs…

  • Ralph Goodaye 3 years ago

    The Islamic countries viewed the USA as a paper tiger and if it were not for support from Osama Obama, Quid pro quo Biden and Hillary Rotten Killton Iran would be back to the stone ages. The USA is finished being a PAPER TIGER, God Bless the USA and God Bless Donald Trump.

  • Angelina 3 years ago

    tRUMP’s timing to distract his impeachment trail in the senate, but mostly in desperation to regain his failing popularity amongst Americans, specifically his inbred walking dead cult followers for his re-election.

  • Afaq Ahmed 3 years ago

    What her life been if she married a guy had kids she would have been great mother alas!!

  • Tim othy 3 years ago

    Talking about incompetence didnt this lady go on and on about russian collusion? Like the spear head of the talking point? What was found? no evidence of collusion.

  • jupiter moongauge 3 years ago

    Its time for the Orange Rapist along with Pompeo and Bolton to assemble an army of Trumptard morons, Bikers for Trump, the KKK and evangelical warriors for Jesus with tactical support from SpaceForce to parachute themselves into Iran for the final showdown. I’ve got my beer and popcorn ready.

  • fromTracywithlove 3 years ago

    ❤️ Rachel and Seth! 2 for 1

  • Jim s 3 years ago

    Maddcow is a Communist Traitor to America. This B*tch can’t shut her mouth or stop pushing the Anti – American Propaganda. This Scumbag should be charged with Sedition.

  • Wansom sou 3 years ago

    Mo president has ever f**k a cactus either. I simply some actions are risky


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