Rachel Brosnahan Acts Alongside Real Babies, And Some Creepy Fake Ones, In “I’m Your Woman”

Published on January 8, 2021

Rachel Brosnahan stars in the new film, “I’m Your Woman,” where she encountered some of the creepiest prop babies you’ll ever see. #Colbert #ImYourWoman #RachelBrosnahan

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  • ANOLDMASTERJUKZ 3 years ago

    @ 5:24 We do not approve of cockfighting unless it is humans, fighting with there, you know, cocks !. !. !…

  • h7opolo 3 years ago


  • wjfox2006 3 years ago

    She is just ridiculously gorgeous.

  • Brooke Ann 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness she is a delight.

  • Jeannie Helliwell 3 years ago

    Do famished February instead!

  • fasstaerke 3 years ago

    stephen, I gave in on day 4 as well, this is certainly not the year for a dry january, and Im german…

  • Catalystika 3 years ago

    Rachel Brosnahan is an absolute delight. It’s always great to see people outside of their roles.

  • Marion Thomas 3 years ago

    How did Stephen not know about the fake baby in American Sniper??!

  • RagingGeekazoid 3 years ago

    Rachel Brosnahan. Not to be confused with Pierce Brosnahan. Totally different person.

  • Marcel van Driel 3 years ago

    Gods, I love that woman. and Ms. Maisel is fantastic!

  • Isabel Frias 3 years ago

    Bradley Cooper

  • Vail Ryan 3 years ago

    What about the rest of Mrs Maizel?

  • The future is in our hands 3 years ago

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  • Zero Richardson 3 years ago

    I am worried about his drinking, so I hope the dry January goes well.

  • King Jive 3 years ago

    Yeah, who cares though

  • Voice of God 3 years ago

    The one who died on January 6 was a great patriot. She was a mother, a soldier, and even an angel. She was not a thug! She is a hero who sacrificed for justice for the Americans! Those dirty politicians should not discredit the hero and defile God. You blocked the people’s mouth and stole American freedom and democracy. This is a conspiracy, and God will punish you sinners and evil antifa!


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