R. Kelly Interview Gets Nuttier

Published on March 12, 2019

On Friday night we got a fresh round of material from Gayle King’s incredible sit-down with R. Kelly. We didn’t think it was possible for this interview to get nuttier, but we were wrong. R. Kelly, in case you don’t know, has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. His career is on the line, his freedom is on the line, and so for whatever reason either R or the people who represent him thought it would be a good idea to have him do an interview on TV.

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  • Lil Duck 12 months ago

    rkelly tingz

  • anyius ringer 12 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is the GOAT: why?
    ‘He’s gonna make a great president one day.’
    No truer words ever spoken!!!

  • Coletha Albert 12 months ago

    Okay …after listening again… lobotomy. He is EVIL.

  • Donnie Ramos 12 months ago

    More nuttier than peanut butter honeeeyyyy

  • maremacd 12 months ago

    I admire Gayle King’s composure during Kelly’s meltdown, but I’m not as impressed with her abilities as an interviewer as the rest of the world seems to be. For example , I’m a little confused as to why she asked about his trip to McDonald’s. Who cares where he chooses to eat when he’s released from prison? Also, her use of the phrase “messin’ with” was a little off-putting.

  • Mojo 12 months ago

    R.Kelly the master of getting his creep on

  • Coletha Albert 12 months ago

    “He is going to make a great president one day.”

    By present day standards…yep ANDDDD he will have private rich people to pay off the deficit, rebuild the infrastructure and have everybody not having children so they won’t be molested. All humans will be cloned and middle aged. No more young people…oh wait…the opposite of that last one.?

  • E B 12 months ago

    Its funny how JK was one of the main guy’s on the Man show, which in this day and age wouldn’t be appropriate and would be off tv so fast because of all the ‘me too” movement stuff and yet he’s always throwing stones out of his glass house.

  • Josh Millage 12 months ago

    a big mac
    a fry
    and a coke

  • Xavier Navar 12 months ago

    Ziggy zoggy ziggy zoggy hoy hoy hoy

  • Anonymous 12 months ago

    John of God charged 600 times was on the Oprah show, connected to Clinton, and David Geffen? huh R kelly , Jaime smullet are from Chicago like John Podesta, Dennis Hastert, and Obama?

  • Nymeria Marie 12 months ago

    LIES!! When did McDonald’s have danishes?

  • peter 12 months ago

    Im assuming it was a humorous fiction that the bail was paid on the condition he gave more interviews?
    ..it is really hard to tell anymore.

  • candy girlll 12 months ago

    I clicked but Jimmy didn’t eat the cookie, Is there someone higher up I can talk to about this???

  • ? Butterfly ? 12 months ago

    i cant believe this guy

  • Coletha Albert 12 months ago

    R. Kelly’s
    Say???? I find it STRANGE that they are saying …nothingggggggg.

  • Frances2012 12 months ago

    HE’S GONNA MAKE A GREAT PRESIDENT! ?????? Im dead! ????

  • Josue2018 12 months ago

    He’s ghetto nasty, but he looks good in that suit. Nice thick dark macho black man!!! ????

  • Sam Sep 12 months ago

    Paedophiles means attracted to 13 and younger.

  • Chimfish 12 months ago

    McDonald’s was OJ’s first meal when he got out of jail too.


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