Quinta Brunson – On the Success and Inspiration Behind “Abbott Elementary” | The Daily Show

Published on March 17, 2022

Quinta Brunson chats about how the mockumentary style of “Abbott Elementary” works, why teachers should be paid more, and creating a “no asshole” policy work environment. #DailyShow




  • Precious Ntazinda 1 year ago

    Am in love with her personality…she seems to be a gifted 💜naturing person

  • Parrish 1 year ago

    I simply love Quinta

  • Piper Tarver 1 year ago

    This show is fire 🔥🔥🔥
    So happy for her!!

  • jamesbat09 1 year ago

    This is dope, what a delightful interview

  • md1264 1 year ago

    As an educator in their last year (I’ll be quitting), I cannot watch this show right now. The toxic, burnout, and disrespectful environment is not funny.
    But maybe in a couple years once I have put this experience behind me.

  • Daniel Hostetler 1 year ago

    Preach it Quinta…you are speaking truth!!!

  • Gadiel Del Orbe 1 year ago

    Quinta is a star!

  • bobby jones 1 year ago

    What is Hulu 🇿🇦

  • Master Cha-fu 1 year ago


  • Melissa Milligan 1 year ago

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I love this Abbott Elementary show. Great interview, Trevor!

  • Deborah Blackshear 1 year ago

    I really Enjoy this show, Abbott Elementary.

  • Norma Eason 1 year ago

    As a retired teacher, I thank you Quinta Brunson for shinning a light on teachers.

  • Glenda Clark 1 year ago

    Hope Trevor eventually invites Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tyler Williams, and Janelle James. Those just happen to be my favorites, but thewhole cast is great!

  • Stuart Johnson 1 year ago

    I remember this so clearly. It was 1974, I’m in 8th grade with kids I’ve known since 1st grade. My mother is our substitute teacher. My friends, who are always respectful when coming to our house, where out of control. That moment I decided to treat ALL teachers with respect, but Jr.High teachers the most.

  • Deborah Eichelberger 1 year ago

    I absolutely love Quinta. She is such an amazing person all around. I only watched Buzzfeed videos back in the day for her. Once she left, I left LOL. I have watched all her work and I could not be more happy for her success. Keep going Quinta!!!!! 👸🏽🥰💛

  • Stessie Egouy 1 year ago

    As a teacher, i really appreciate this interview 🥺

  • MusicfromMarrs 1 year ago

    I’m happy to hear about the success of this show and for Quinta! As educators, one of our laments is that a lot of policy makers think they know about education, because they attended school. We really need some way to communicate all that goes into being an educator. I’m a college professor, so this affects me mostly indirectly (policies do affect our incoming students), so those who teach pre-K through high school are the ones who need this show the most. 💗

  • alfalfaforever 1 year ago

    I loved Quinta on Buzzfeed. I need to watch her show!

  • bluekat1904 1 year ago

    Quinta is probably my favorite comedian. I enjoy all the things I see her in just her presence on screen looks like she’s enjoying it so It puts me in a positive headspace to enjoy it with her.

  • Kamryn Quinn 1 year ago

    it’s great seeing her out here making moves, I remember seeing her on buzzfeed so many years ago.


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