Quentin Tarantino on Kanye Saying Django Was His Idea, Perfect Movies & His Best Audience Member

Published on October 28, 2022

Quentin talks about loving parenthood, his son Leo being the greatest audience member, his hit song “Dinosaur Walk,” his collection of essays about movies called Cinema Speculation, his mom dating Wilt Chamberlain, going to the movies as a kid, dedicating an entire chapter to film critics, which movies he thinks are perfect, Kanye suggesting that Quentin and Jamie Foxx got the idea for Django Unchained from him, and the one classic movie he has never seen.


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  • Noahsart 5 months ago

    Ok so you have kids. Yawn.

  • Eugene Petrone 5 months ago

    I was not aware that the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show was still on the air. 🤣 Turn the channel to Fox, please. 🤣

  • Justin Hopper 5 months ago

    This is only time I’d watch kimbal

  • M J 5 months ago

    How proud he is about his mom escapades with big black Cplayers 🏀

  • Dashing Dreww 5 months ago

    Tarantino’s mom & Wilt chamberlain who woulda thought lol

  • Darin Dunn 5 months ago

    Perhaps it was Reggie Doss he was referencing?

  • Derek Reuter 5 months ago

    Friends? Those that steal labor don’t qualify for that title. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel Live haven’t paid for labor received.

    Friends may compromise for each other, we may volunteer at times, but when a rate is given, and there are union minimums, friendship means doing your best to match them. Friends pay each other and have each others’ back. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel Live have not paid for material used and profited from. Funny, it’s usually called, “selling your soul” but it was actually an act of enslavement. You were sold.

    Someday, I suspect they will address my comments.

  • topiary garden 5 months ago

    Quentin seems to be a little unhinged and whacky.

  • Merre Keste 5 months ago

    Wow crazy cool story about his mom dating Wilt when he was with the lakers hahaha. I see where Tarantino got his talent. 2 of the best in their craft basketball and filmmaking 🤣😂🔥🔥🐐

  • FYRFOX198 5 months ago

    FUQ Tarantino…he turned into one those Hollywood @$$holes.

  • oleeb 5 months ago

    Tarentino strikes me as rather immature despite his obvious intellect.

  • Jeff Michaud 5 months ago

    I want to read his book now. Btw Q.T. Please watch “The Sound Of Music” as it is definitely another perfect movie. Great interview.

  • earthian11 5 months ago

    I knew Kanye was spouting out another egotistical lie when he said he came up with Django and someone as creative as Quentin just stole that idea and made the movie from that. He really tried claiming the success of Django all to himself. And according to Quentin it was actually a funny slave musical based on Gold Digger 😂😂 Doesn’t surprise me one bit

  • Alex Garcia 5 months ago

    All of these Hollywood players fawning over their children after encouraging generations of young people to avoid settling down and raising families.

  • Von Draic 5 months ago

    I tapped-out 3 minutes in. Hearing about other people’s kids is BORING AF, especially when delivered in a rambling word-gumbo. Have a minuscule amount of self-awareness, this is coming from a parent…

  • Sage of the East 5 months ago

    He got the idea for django from 1966 spaghetti western…smh…this is what Ye was talking about!

  • Wo Wa 5 months ago

    Hmm, do you really need to be on drugs or alcohol, just to be on TV. Awesome film maker 😍

  • Tim Madone 5 months ago

    I can’t believe Quintin didn’t mention the original “Night Of The Living Dead” as one of the perfect movies. It’s certainly right up there with the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I consider both movies not only great horror movies, but great movies period. Perhaps he was just thinking too hard. Good interview regardless.

  • Sawdust 5 months ago

    Quentin was so funny and nice, and yes, “ Young Frankenstein”!🎉

  • jago singh 5 months ago

    How can Kayne say anything is his idea?? He needs to learn to think first.


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