Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Elicits Wide-Ranging Reaction & Steve Bannon Indicted | The Daily Show

Published on September 8, 2022

Buckingham Palace announced Queen Elizabeth II died, Steve Bannon was indicted on fraud charges, a membership list of Oath Keepers leaked, a Dutch city banned meat advertisements, and a Texas judge said HIV drug mandate violates religious freedoms. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Captain D 1 year ago

    “Sublets from Oscar the Grouch”. Wow, so many layers there……

  • Patricia Perez 1 year ago

    Just one more reason I am ashamed of the state I live in.GO BETO.

  • Vera Greene 1 year ago

    What OATHs are they keeping? Armed forces members take an oath, police take an oath, elected officials take oaths. New speak?

  • Davin Schulman 1 year ago

    You forgot George Clooney as Batman

  • Stan Byme 1 year ago

    When that list was released I SCREAMED!! It drives me crazy that these extremist groups hide behind masks. If you truly, passionately believe in your Values-hold your head up high. Show the Country who you are. Let us all see your minuscule ****s. The only way I can tell is they drive raised pickups with Confederate flags to overcompensate.

  • zenbood 1 year ago

    10:52 Batman timeline for QEII

  • batgurrl 1 year ago

    Your coverage of Trump cronies in legal trouble was both hilarious and troubling. 45 himself still being a free fan is alarming. Rest In Peace, Queen Elizabeth. My condolences to her entire family

  • Shivas Irons 1 year ago

    Hey screwball you’re just proving that the corrupt alphabet agencies are crooked and shameless for going after republicans who did nothing wrong at the behest of thier progressive handlers!

  • Brian Ellinger 1 year ago

    That’s bs…
    It just happened to be the day that I picked to go to the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
    I had no idea that I was in the middle of the million Christian March sponsored by Oath Keepers.
    I’m actually for the One World Government, religion, currency etc

  • Adam Cheong 1 year ago

    The love of Money is the root of all kinds of evil. Whatever party a person sides with.

  • Brandon F. 1 year ago

    So they’ll stop selling a pill because their afraid of sexuality spreading but not sexually transmitted diseases?

  • Moh 1 year ago

    *_I like how the Queen’s death is a non-issue that it was the last item on this broadcast, unlike how it was breaking news for all the bri’ish broadcasters!_*

  • Kurozaki Toshiro 1 year ago

    “only the king can order me”

  • edward williams 1 year ago

    Trevor..you are so bad…a true treasure…but way too savvy! Thanks!

  • Audio Video & Tech 1 year ago

    Just wait..Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and associates will be taken care when the Republicans Win. The FBI refuses to investigate The Biden’s because they are protecting The Biden Crime Family.

  • Embreis 1 year ago

    5:53 actually Trevor, this needs to become common [law], like the ban on ads for alcohol or nicotine products. meat, and especially red meat, needs to get consumed a lot less. cattle produces a lot of methane, which is 10times more damaging for the climate than CO2. meat is far too cheap and consumption far too high. the law needs to change that


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