Quarantinewhile… Stephen Colbert Predicted The TikTok Sea Shanty Craze

Published on January 16, 2021

Quarantinewhile… As our host long ago predicted, 2021 has become the year of the Sea Shanty, particularly on TikTok where the old-timey songs about sailors and their travels are taking over the platform. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile

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  • Dan Siepman 3 years ago

    Something something the Deadfire lines

  • lisa Chaput 3 years ago

    Stephen’s wife lately is truly laughing up a storm in the background and you just laugh harder.

  • Cass P 3 years ago

    Arr Matey, I’ve been waiting me whole life for sea shanties to be cool.

  • Kapitein Kamerplant 3 years ago

    I just want to thank Stephen for existing. He makes te world a more tolarable place.

    Ty from the Netherlands.

  • piplupcola 3 years ago

    I’m so happy Sea Shanties are back in trend. I finally dont feel like a weirdo liking them anymore

  • LtJackboot 3 years ago

    AARRR me bucko!

  • Nate Betts 3 years ago

    The sea captain from Seth Meyers may have to appear as a guest to spite Seth.

  • Ok Shin 3 years ago

    I am now addicted to sea shanties… Damnit

  • Clairemyst Charles 3 years ago

    Sea Shanties are a thing? Oh the Canadians GOT THIS ONE

  • Jason Cowley 3 years ago

    Well, ships may come and ships may go
    Just as long as the seas do run
    And a sailor lad likewise his dad
    He loves his port and rum
    Now a lass ashore he do adore
    One that is plump and round

    But when your money’s all gone it’s the same old song
    Get up Jack! John, sit down!
    Come along, come along, my jolly brave boys
    There’s plenty more grog in the jar.
    We’ll plough the briny ocean
    With a jolly roving tar.

    When Jack’s ashore he’ll make his way
    To some old boarding house
    He’s welcomed in with rum and gin
    Likewise with pork and scouse
    And he’ll spend and he’ll spend and he’ll never offend
    Until he lies drunk on the ground

    Jack then will slip aboard some ship
    Bound for India or Japan
    For in Asia there, the ladies fair
    All love a sailor man
    And he’ll go ashore and he won’t scorn
    To buy some maid a gown

    When Jack is old and weatherbeat
    Too old to sail about
    They’ll let him stop in some grog shop
    Till eight bells do ring out
    Then he’ll raise his hands high and loud he’ll cry
    Great God, I’m homeward bound!

  • Sophie Robinson 3 years ago

    I may get tik tok just to hear sea shanties.

  • Travis Henrickson 3 years ago

    Predicted or encouraged…. You be the judge

  • Penny Lane 3 years ago

    If Seth Meyers doesn’t bring back the Sea Captain for the Sea Shanties, I’ll be very disappointed.

  • Dom Graham 3 years ago

    Little request from a British fan – any time you can avoid using the Daily Mail as a reference, that would be great. Love from across the pond.


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