Quarantinewhile… Should We Really Unseal That Hidden Mummy Door In Egypt Right Now?

Published on October 8, 2020

Quarantinewhile… Hey Egyptologists, given the year we’ve had, are you sure it’s a good idea to crack open the sealed door you found behind a bunch of mummies? #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #Quarantinewhile

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  • Bee Johnson 1 year ago

    what about the fly.

  • Random Rapper 1 year ago

    Oh my God!! They are kissing mannequins? 😂 😂

  • Hamish Browne 1 year ago

    Covid aside…this format actually h helped make Stephen funnier

  • Issac Dominic 1 year ago

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Slowbro 1 year ago

    I look forward to the Necron awakening from the crypt

  • Thomas Raywood 1 year ago

    I’m pretty Japan has come up with a solution for that mannequin problem, and I think it produces infinitely more energy than it puts out. Enough to raise the dead. #candycannon

  • Richard Alden 1 year ago

    SUPERB STEPHEN COLBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Lizza 1 year ago

    Hey Archaeologists! How about keeping that door sealed?! We’ve all watched the movies! We know how this ends!

  • ProfessM 1 year ago

    That cannon was legit a joke from Loading Ready Run’s comedy skit from them ep Free Candy. Go watch its good.

  • udntknwme cuzidntknwme 1 year ago

    Do you want a solution for climate change? Wait no more!!! Or do… ’cause they’re not ready yet… But energy from nuclear fusion is the closest thing to something like that.

  • Morganne B 1 year ago

    Best joke: we already have that, his name is Brian. 🤣

  • Tilion462 1 year ago

    Can’t help but think that Sunset Beach would’ve knocked those mannequin scenes out the park, back in the day…

  • Galactic Warlock 1 year ago

    Fresh. Can’t wait till 2020 is over

  • Steven Mccullough 1 year ago

    Oh hell, just use Bud Bundy’s blow up girlfriend and have done with it. At least there’d be some sexual reference point. 🤣😂😍

  • Vittorio Abbate 1 year ago

    But why you’re worrying that the mummy is going back to life? I mean he’s not Stephen Miller!

  • Omega JNA 1 year ago

    1000% yes open the mummy door. We might get lucky and the mummy could exterminate all the right wingers. I can hope cant I?

  • Chase Place 1 year ago

    That’s the thing… Fusion is kinda like the opposite of fission.. Fission is this dangerous thing that, if unattended, melts down and keeps reacting unless it’s controlled. Fusion requires an intense amount of energy to start. Fusions “melt down” would be more of a “cool down” the only reason it hasn’t been successfully done much on earth is because of the extreme amount of energy and N3 it takes to start the process. If this worked the way scientists think it would we would literally have limitless amounts of energy…

  • Tucker Bowen 1 year ago

    Nowadays whenever someone says the word “mummy”, i expect Tom Cruise to immediately show up and take over, making the whole thing all about him and completely ruining what could have been a decent movie

  • John Mora 1 year ago

    Update: the fly just checked into Walter Reed for isolation.

  • Bloodshot_Eyes 1 year ago

    Please don’t open the mummy door; flatten the curse curve.


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