Quarantinewhile… Please Stop Reviving Ancient Pathogens From The Sea Floor

Published on March 12, 2021

Quarantinewhile… In “Hey, maybe don’t do that” news, Japanese scientists are experimenting on 100-million-year-old bacteria that wake up from their slumber when brought to the surface and provided with food. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile

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  • Shin 3 years ago

    “Hey look, really old bacteria. What could go wrong?”

  • No Nonsense 3 years ago

    Hey John, like your style!

  • M1N6U5 media 3 years ago

    I mean…. coincidence that they’re also almost done with the full size Gundam…. I think not.

  • Vodaph0ne 3 years ago

    What the hell’s up with John right at the end?

  • hellcat1988 3 years ago

    I think this bacteria news is supposed to hint at the possibility of finding life on other planets like Mars. Doesn’t make the news any less “we probably shouldn’t be doing this” to know that there might be viable cells still on Mars, and that they’re so easy to resuscitate, but…yay science?

  • jacarling1 3 years ago

    This story is from July 2020

  • Kristos Samaras 3 years ago

    Or instead of punching giant monsters in the face, how about shooting them with missiles or something

  • Yolanda Shikers 3 years ago

    The spooky actress complementarily soothe because budget lovely gather round a capricious jason. minor, knowledgeable level

  • Dave the french canadian 3 years ago

    Republicans: c’thulu bacteria is a hoax, don’t need to take precautions.

  • Slowcloud Orca 3 years ago

    I Quit!

  • sandra johnson 3 years ago

    I always have to skip past the beginning of these because they’re so stupid and ridiculous.

  • Rafael Gonzalez 3 years ago

    it’s funny to me now that through the course of the pandemic I always said “it could always be worse.” and/or “how much worse can it get?” and every time I hear new developments like this, I’m eating my words… and my foot… I can still taste the rubber of my shoe.

  • Tony Bragston 3 years ago

    What if the people around me are scientists..

  • James Harris 3 years ago

    Monkeys love to watch birds and fish but they hate snakes. Don’t ask me why…

  • vdiitd 3 years ago

    Me watching scientists making some dumb choices in some dumb hollywood movie: *That would never happen in real life*
    Scientists in real life: Hold my drill.


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