Quarantinewhile… Butt-Crack Leggings Take Over TikTok

Published on January 27, 2021

Quarantinewhile… Stephen checks in on the TikTok leggings trend that’s threatening to overshadow his beloved Sea Shanty trend. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile

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  • scottythedawg 3 years ago

    less sea shanties and more see panties… just sayin.

  • Ahad Chowdhury 3 years ago

    Quarantinewhile starts at 2:01

  • h3yw00d 3 years ago

    Dont besmirch the greatness that is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH 3 years ago

    I have a legitimate question. Why was Jon wearing a backpack in the opening clip?

  • SydMint 3 years ago

    I will take two of those pounds cakes and a coffee to go 🙂

  • Fnu Lnu 3 years ago

    There’s no Kroger in Canada

  • Christopher Manley 3 years ago

    Does no one remember Pepsi Kona?

  • Charge0Complete 3 years ago


  • Clay Owlglass 3 years ago

    A big part of aging is the calcification of soft tissue. This is made worse by the fact that American food is fortified with calcium, but not magnesium. To age more slowly, just get enough magnesium. Literally. “Natural causes” = largely soft tissue calcification. It’s the cause of heart disease and dementia.

  • Tsar Fox 3 years ago

    Pfft, my dealer has been mixing cocaine and coffee for years. It did take him awhile to settle on the right type of plastic baggie though.

  • Geoff Breen 3 years ago

    John is such a happy positive influence on this show.

  • kontokrzak2 3 years ago

    Coke with Coffee? Someone has just reinvented the taste of the Guinness beer (only sweeter).

  • Paul Berenssen 3 years ago

    a dude playing piano like this cant start being a basketball player, PROTECT YOUR HANDS MAN!!!!!

  • Herowebcomics 3 years ago

    Butt leggings DO look fun!
    But Coke with COFFEE?!
    That is nasty!
    Both drinks are amazing apart, not together!

  • Saint Rocket 3 years ago

    We already did Coke with coffee. It was called Coke Blak and it was terrible.

  • Ismir Dochegal 3 years ago

    Question is: what looks better; normal pants, butt-crack leggings or no pants at all. I am happy to provide my objective opinion on the matter.

    And the second question is, does it look good on everyone, or do you need a firm butt to begin with.

  • Jeremiah Bachmann 3 years ago

    4:52 How do fat dorks get hot chick wives? These guys don’t look rich or anything? Maybe they are drug dealers.


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