Quarantine Dispatch: Trump Gets Serious & NYC Shuts Down | The Daily Show



  • M- Nice 3 months ago

    They are collapsing all world currencies simultaneously . Sanfransico is under a 3 weeks shelter in place law. The debt domino of this collapse is going to bring about a new world order. People need to see the big picture. This is happening FAST Everyday it’s a new Emergency.

  • Jezebel Sly 3 months ago

    I like how you are pretending to connect with me but no. You missed me on this one. Farmers haven’t a day off, doctors, nurses, any medical staff. People need care and people need to take care of them. Also elderly who require food programs.

  • pqvimana2 3 months ago

    You are a real icon … We admire you so much … The best example of what a human being should be.
    We wish only the best for you and your loved ones. 👍☺Trevor #1

  • Vikas Patil 3 months ago

    Gamer , another normal day

  • Harrison C 3 months ago

    Nice job spreading awareness and giving tips #GoLiveTevor

  • bjorn joseph 3 months ago

    Trevor needs a laugh track. I was waiting for the laughs but got nothing

  • Vivianne Bank 3 months ago

    Yea, we already on the phone, just do more! We already anti social sometime, so just do it over!

  • Alex the greatest 3 months ago

    He realized he can’t cover it up anymore.

  • Ellen Benson 3 months ago

    Love you Trevor but hey, suggest reading a book ?

  • Cristian Gutierrez 3 months ago

    Applauding a coward?
    Let’s stop being afraid.!
    Wow I thought we were free.!

  • salvador sierra 3 months ago


  • Monicud 3 months ago

    Imagine if you have to schedule an appointment just to go to stores…

  • GAURAV AHUJA 3 months ago


  • RidiPwn 3 months ago

    Surviving is much more important than meeting deadlines

  • David Shipman 3 months ago

    Don’t forget those who have to go work, besides truckers. Those who keep the electricity flowing, power plant workers and linemen. Those who keep the water flowing in the water systems, and the sewage systems processing waste that keep us from other deadly diseases. The workers that unload the trucks and stock the shelves with the goods we need to live. The soldiers on the ground preserving our freedom, the sailors at sea living in closer quarters than most of us ever had to, and the air crews who keep the aircraft in the air to protect us. There are millions of Americans who have to continue to work 24/7 to keep us safe, dry, warm, fed, and healthy at the risk of exposure to this virus. Please keep them in mind.

  • CoopyKat 3 months ago

    Wow……….this is what the world has come to………..just like in all the movies that predicted this……………..NO food at stores in Los Angeles…….bars, restaurants, gyms, schools CLOSED…….I wonder if this will all be a bunch of ridiculous nonsense in a month or two!??

  • Tom Mack 3 months ago

    Wow! Of all things to comment on … another person’s looks?! So n so has the virus … but at least he still has his good looks?! Really? How can you be so superficial during a crisis like this? Placing any value on how a person looks is bordering on … racism. Really caught me off guard there. God bless and be well!

  • Adrian Torres 3 months ago

    Easy money staying home play video games like when I was 16 years old

  • FUERZAMEXICO Y LA 4T DE AMLO 3 months ago


  • jacob edwards 3 months ago

    Thousands of Years of Practice makes Perfect.


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