QAnon Fans Doubt Their Faith After Nothing Happens In November | Dr. Oz Is Running For Office

Published on November 30, 2021

Stephen reopens The Q Files to check on QAnon followers whose faith was shaken after a string of false predictions failed to materialize in November. In Pennsylvania, a man known for his work as a syndicated TV doctor launched his campaign for a U.S. Senate seat. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • K Smith 2 years ago

    Let’s find a way to support South Africa.. Online purchases of products from South Africa maybe? I looked on Amazon but found very few items. They were brave and honest..and paid a huge price.

  • mybluejay 2 years ago

    You’re the best!

  • mytexas days 2 years ago

    You’ll never be invited as a guest on Dr. Oz’s show.

  • Mark Watney 2 years ago

    Omicron is an anagram for moronic

  • Sachin Choudhary 2 years ago

    Man this old guy is not funny at all

  • Greg Yohn 2 years ago

    Has Dr. Oz ever had a Hoagie?

  • Eric Vachula 2 years ago

    Q-anon will be getting their own Netflix series: Q-king, What a hurled.

  • Eric Janssen 2 years ago

    “I told a few of my awake friends that the Monkees’ Davey Jones was going to rise from the dead and sing at Dallas! Now what am I going to do, since he DIDN’T SHOW!”

  • Earthcat 2 years ago

    “…and MOAR.”

  • Fredric Clack 2 years ago

    Oz, living there!

  • Curtis N 2 years ago

    What’s going on in the gheslaine Maxwell trial?

  • Myopinion 2 years ago

    What is wrong with Colbert ear? His right ear looks half gone?

  • patricia tutaki 2 years ago

    why not use QAnon for the next mutation, as this term is now available, due to the repugs complete failure with their other conspiracy of the same name

  • Steve Sloan 2 years ago

    I don’t want to be a psychic. I’d much rather be a physic. That way I could predict your future movement.

  • Jack Wolfe 2 years ago

    YAY! now the covid virus has had its smelting pot time to evolve. I mean its had over two years of morons spreading it around. = ,=

  • Adam Gardiner 2 years ago

    There ought to be a law against reality TV stars running for office. Dr Oz , like Dr Donald Dumbass only cares about the fame/infamy. Although if Stephen ran…he’d get my vote!


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