Putin’s Temper Tantrum Emboldens Ukrainian People | The Daily Show

Published on October 12, 2022

Updates on the war in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin orders missile strikes against civilian targets in Ukraine, and more than a dozen U.S. airports experience cyberattacks by pro-Russia hackers. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Snuffy Smif 1 year ago

    So Desi lifted some baby’s bottle… LOL!

  • J G 1 year ago

    Vladimir Putin looks just like his mother.

  • oaristes 1 year ago

    0:48 “against civilian targets for the first time” dude civilians have been under attack since February. You could say that this attack was one of those directed ONLY at civilian targets and this would be a bit more accurate.

  • Nadine Alshanska 1 year ago

    We love you Trevor! But the news been delivered to you to report are not correct. It was an explosion at Crimea bridge premeditating by Ukrainians and it’s allies. With all the new Territories becoming part of Russia they will treat incidents like this on their territories as a Terrorist Act against Russian federation! There are papers (independent British news)that this great idea been encouraged by British agencies but the problem is that retaliation will be on Ukrainian grounds. USA and UK are using Ukraine to fight their proxy war with Russia. Boris Johnson encouraged Zelensky not to follow Minsk agreement. The two main points of this agreement are neutrality,so Nato is not on Russia’s doorsteps which is reasonable and the other most important point is to protect Russian speaking Ukrainians in those areas from the genocide (it has been internal war in Ukraine for over eight years) they have been shelling for over eight years. Lots of people died from their own people living in one country.
    Just saying these regions always wanted to be part of Russia but Russia did not want them in the first place. You are a great comedian and it is so fun to do the jokes about the news! This is a complex situation and if would add all of the information about it too even if your producers do not want you to in joky way would be great!

  • Oksana Nupreichyk 1 year ago

    Pumping Spice is not a thing in Ukraine

  • Jay Longley 1 year ago

    let’s all just agree now that Desi is the next host.

  • lusar shameli 1 year ago

    Ukraine is beating Russia? You must be insane.

  • Peter de Croos 1 year ago

    what really confuses me are the luggage stores at teh airport. What did you bring your clothes in?? trashbags??

  • Mark Upton 1 year ago

    Charge Mad Vlad Putin with War Crimes against Civilians & Humanity??? Hmmmm…

  • Ulrich Raymond 1 year ago

    Why did they not use stink bombs instead of missiles it could save them money and avoid people going to the coffee shop. I wonder if they are using that on the battlefield. Puking would put a hold on this war.

  • Rosie Rose 1 year ago

    Putin is saying Russian soldiers are doing a terrible job against Ukrainian soldier so they would rather fight the Ukrainian civilians. If I was Ukraine I would blow the f*** out of Putin’s Mansions every single one of them would be blown to smithereens they are all full of antiques and things that he adores blow up his houses now

  • maryana 1 year ago

    Desi for daily show host!!!@!!@


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