Putin’s Security Council Meeting, Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump: Late Night’s News of the Week

Published on October 14, 2022

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of October 10.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Aslash304 12 months ago


  • Armed Liberal 12 months ago

    I absolutely love that Trump and his supporters are panicking over the subpoena

  • Vitor Loki 12 months ago

    hear yeee , hear yeeeee … Trumpft is an idiottt :))

  • John Doe 12 months ago

    Seth you had me cracking up today!!!

  • JimmyDeLocke 12 months ago

    Hopefully it will be the same sequence as the Mar-A-Lago thing. First we ask for the documents then we subpoena the documents then we issue a search warrant. First we subpoena the president then we slap the cuffs on him. Indictment Time Is Here what is the Department of Justice waiting for?

  • Jenn-Knee Drop 12 months ago

    Have a great weekend, Late Night peeps!

  • Jason Nacci 12 months ago

    4:45 Consistently, I find walking into a Subway and ordering in person to be a faster process than getting food in any way at a McDonalds. Consistently. Also, Subway is cheaper and less bad for one’s heart, for the same volume. So … why the hell do people still go to McDonald’s if the food is slower, pricier and less healthy than Subway? Oh … thats right … its about the salt. And the fat.

  • Jhezmo 12 months ago

    Hey Seth you wombat – I’m sick of you running weed smokers down. It’s old school bro, and you just make yourself look out of touch, discriminatory and a little elitist. I only mention it becasue its a pattern with you, and always derogatory towards ganja smokers. This meme that smokers just lie around doing nothing is played out, and part of the propoganda that has cause weed smokers to be villified and locked up for so long. There are many high functioning weed smokers – so you are just continuing a discriminatory meme. Good on ya mate. You really need laughs that cheap? Or maybe just new writers? Put this in your feedback show you galah.

  • Sophie Peraaud 12 months ago

    America wake up and Vote the QOP out

  • The Road To Perdition 12 months ago

    Can’t believe he didn’t make a Batman joke for the vengeance

  • Joseph Hayes 12 months ago

    Solid Gold Monologue

  • John Shackelford 12 months ago

    What is the government going to do when they are indicted for Steven Mnuchin retirement fund set up by Wilbur Ross?

  • Australien 12 months ago

    the birthday check was +10% so you should be grateful to gran

  • OuijaXIII 12 months ago

    In true jackal fursona fashion: Why would you give a second and a half of the darkened audience?


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