“Putin Is Turning Russia Into North Korea” – Amb. Michael McFaul On Russia’s Growing Isolation

Published on March 10, 2022

In the final part of his interview with Stephen Colbert, former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul talks about what might happen inside Russia as economic sanctions take hold and the country becomes increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. #Colbert #Ukraine #MichaelMcFaul

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  • Mithlen Finlass 1 year ago

    This exactly words are in my mind for days. Putin will never have the hearts of the ukrainian people, even if he takes the country. Also the isolation will cause more and more rebellion inside russia. A lot of reach people are used to western standards, (take it mean or not, as I read, that the rich oligarch daughters are crying about their luxury, well…) it will all work itself out.

  • Rusty Shackleford 1 year ago

    Russia: Has Mil Mi-24

    NATO: Lockheed AC-130

  • Hung Trinh 1 year ago

    FJB Weaks and incompetent. He created this crisis that we are in today.

  • Tony Uzi 1 year ago

    Russian tech nerds have developed an apps especially made for Putin to launch Nuke from his phone… b y e EarthLink

  • Karen Baxter 1 year ago

    Because Ukraine and Russia used to be part of The U.S.S.R together many, many, many families have married into each other…….Imagine when the Russian mom of an 18 Y.O. army officer finds out he is bombing Ukraine in thr same city where Aunt Olga lives who married a Ukranian 20 Years ago.?……I would rather take on Putin himself than come back to a beating then permanent shunning by my Russian mom……..She will have her sons’ head ona platter if he bomb’s Aunt Olga’s country……..It would be like America bombing Canada…….That is how connected these two countries are.

  • Edin Fifić 1 year ago

    NOW he’s turning it into North Korea?
    He’s BEEN turning it for quite some time now.

  • mike avery 1 year ago

    Do you think if 20,000 Russian soldiers came home dead that the Russian people would start to think this is actually a war instead of a military operation. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that but if it did maybe there’s a chance for the Russian people to uprise and take back their country from this dictator

  • Geraint Scott 1 year ago

    “I don’t know the answer to your question” THIS!!! This one sentence could help so so much. If more people were willing to say that, so many tensions could be deflated. Humility is a virtue.

  • Adam Grimsley 1 year ago

    Well not literally North Korea.

  • Bob Langford 1 year ago

    Turning? I think the correct term is Turned Out. Russia has been turned out like a little @#$&#.

  • SSJSirion 1 year ago

    As a Ukrainian, I am saddened by the extent to which even former ambassadors do not understand the essence of russia and the russian people. Most of them shit on other people from other countries, and hope that the demonstrations (even huge ones) or elites will change something in that country is foolishly/

  • XeruEXE 1 year ago

    I’ve talked with somebody from Russia who is aware of the whole war, and it is very heartbreaking to see his despair about the whole thing: the people at the bottom of Russia has become pariah whether they like it or not and they can’t do anything about it. While the people of Ukraine are definitely facing a very tough struggle, they have support and hope at their side. The people of Russia, who will suffer most from the sanctions given by the west, and find it terribly difficult to stand against their regime, don’t know who they can turn to.

  • carole james 1 year ago

    and how do we get rid of Mitch McConnell?

  • Bio-Media 1 year ago

    In other words Cold War 2, and terrible gas prices.

  • Kenneth Welch 1 year ago

    This man needs to write a book

  • Chris G 1 year ago

    You went from Trump to Putin. Every day! You must see how poor of a job Joe is personally doing. I get it. War is great for views. Joe is a sitting joke. Just like the last four presidents.

  • Lars Anderson 1 year ago

    Those that have left Russia have been saying they don’t want their children growing up in Russian regime. They don’t want to live in fear and under tight control. Some Ukrainian living in Russia are coming to realize what is really happening and getting out.


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