Putin Doubted Biden Could Keep NATO Allies Together – “The Circus” Hosts

Published on February 24, 2022

Jennifer Palmieri, Mark McKinnon and John Heilemann from “The Circus” on Showtime stop by to discuss the situation in Ukraine and assess President Biden’s response. Stick around for more from the hosts of “The Circus,” and catch the premiere of the new season on Showtime on Sunday, March 6th. #Colbert #Showtime #TheCircus

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  • Anik Roy 2 years ago

    Whenever a Democrat is American president Russia invade Ukraine.

  • Preacher At Arrakeen 2 years ago

    I think ya’ll are missing the point: Putin doesn’t care about that. He’s planned for it. He made thinly-veiled nuclear blackmail threats in his last address. He’s made worse case scenarios with all the sanctions and NATO increasing its forces in the east.
    Putin is threatening nuclear war. He’s also declared the post-Soviet order null and void, the implications for the Baltic states is ominous.
    That is where we are now.

  • Kaspers Liepins 2 years ago

    The Republican Party has become a snake eating its own tail in a misguided effort to “own the libs”. First was their cavalier dance with Covid, and now their embrace with Putin.

  • ApolloHeliosPhoebus 2 years ago

    Can you please label these as part 1, part 2 etc. ? Especially if the upload order is going to be this random.

  • Rick Alan 2 years ago

    Charlie Parker from Stay Human? I’m in!

  • christian 2 years ago

    This is becoming dancing with the stars

  • Channel 2 years ago

    Putin hasn’t strengthened the Russian economy, it’s still smaller than Italy. He’s like Drumpf, too selfish to really have made a difference except to increase his own corruption and bank balance. I’m sure he has all kinds of secret USD currency stashed here n there, but that’s not going to help him purchase metals and manufacturing at this time

  • Renéemb 2 years ago

    The Circus!

  • xyzz Doe 2 years ago

    Yeah, it’s not just generally sticking up for democracy, there’s also that the US guaranteed Ukraine’s safety in the 90s in exchange for removing its nuclear weapons. It’s important to mention that.

  • Jimi Lee 2 years ago

    Stephen the bloodthirsty comedian selling war for the oligarchs.

  • Tom Gucwa 2 years ago

    Tawdry an sad ,

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Annnnd they just invaded.

  • Miles Gillespie 2 years ago

    trump bombed the shit out of Syria. People seemed to think trump wasn’t a war president… ask Syria.

  • James Mullins 2 years ago

    Russia was, is and always will be the USA’s enemy but putins boy trump fooled ye into thinking it is China, got to give putin credit, it was a genius stroke getting his boy to become president of the USA

  • TK99 2 years ago

    Its kinda funny and sad, as the invasion started right around time this interview was filmed.


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