Putin Cut Off from Botox, Russian Oligarchs Mad About Boat Seizures & the Best Local News Clip Ever

Published on March 17, 2022

Everything we know about St. Patrick’s Day is a lie, Nancy Pelosi treated a crowd at the Capitol to a poem written by Bono, we share the greatest local news clip of all-time from Mobile, Alabama after a real sighting of a Leprechaun, Russian Oligarchs have been getting their boats and real estate seized and are not happy about it, Vladimir Putin is widely rumored to use Botox which will now stop shipping to Russia, a new edition of “This Week in Florida,” Starbucks is getting rid of their old disposable cups, Netflix might charge more for sharing your password, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.


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  • Duke E. Lawg 1 year ago

    Kimmel did so much cocaine his kid almost died when it was born

  • Anael Picazo 1 year ago

    “donnie wtf r u doing”

  • Cynthia Foong 1 year ago

    POOtin’s face does look kinda weird & puffy over the last few years…does botox smoothen wrinkles by puffing up, giving rise to inevitable swelling. Watch him speak and observe his stiff facial muscles LOL

  • SaGe OwL 1 year ago

    Putin Is One of those people Who Is convinced he Will live Forever

    Jesus use to Say: memento mori

  • madeinar2 1 year ago

    Does anyone remember that Dave chappelle skit of the sighting? Lmfao

  • George Nichols 1 year ago

    Has anyone ever created an NTFf out of this leprechaun lol

  • Makenzie Nohr 1 year ago

    Right when you said Mobile Alabama I KNEWWWWWWW

  • Douglas Davis 1 year ago

    ATTENTION Jimmy’s producers — “Many quotes and elements of the video, most notably the alleged leprechaun sketch, were printed on T-shirts, mouse pads and other merchandise. WPMI-TV later auctioned off the leprechaun sketch for $1,100 on eBay, with the proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.”

    —– Wikipedia, ‘Crichton Leprechaun’

  • Cory ryder 1 year ago

    time to get lit rips out a bong

  • Jason 1 year ago

    that sketch is Putin

  • Space Suitor 1 year ago

    That’s no Leprechaun, that’s John Oliver.

  • nlocniL 1 year ago

    The Leprechaun sketch never gets old 🤣

  • Pablo Picasso 1 year ago

    Botox has small traces of mercury and researchers have been saying for years that cheek fillers like the ones Putin gets, have been noted to turn you into a paranoid fool obsessed with flies. Maybe now they will listen

  • BumbleBee 1 year ago

    The oligarchs are having a hard time of it lol… They’ve all had their ill gotten assetts, and superyachts seized, so they’re hopping mad about it, and complaining loudly. And Putin is now threatening to purge them and lock them up as traitors _BECAUSE_ they’re complaining loudly..
    Oh dear, how sad, never mind….😁

  • WineNot 1 year ago

    Peets is superior

  • Ministry of Good Affairs 1 year ago

    Western media report, citing a report by the Russian Defense Ministry, that in 2014 the United States refused to repatriate the bodies of 13 CIA military agents who were killed when their helicopter was shot down by militia near Slavyansk on Friday.
    According to the report, on May 2, the anti-aircraft artillery division of the 25th Brigade of Dnepropetrovsk of the Ukrainian army, which defected to the militia, blew up two Russian-made Mi-17 transport helicopters belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force, which were trying to land at the CIA’s “command and control” military base in the war zone of Slavyansk.
    Of the 14 CIA agents from two Mi-17s, only one survived and was initially recognized as Captain Savuilov, but subsequent investigation revealed that he was an employee of the American mercenary company Greystone Ltd, writes The European Union Times.

  • Yvette Schools 1 year ago

    Those old white guys recording the girls dancing was creepy

  • Kathleen Buckley 1 year ago

    St. Patrick was Italian


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