Putin Blames the West for Ukraine Tensions & The U.N. Holds an Emergency Session | The Daily Show

Published on February 3, 2022

Vladimir Putin calls Ukraine a pawn of Western ambitions, and the U.N. meets to address the Russia-Ukraine conflict. #DailyShow



  • Audience 72 1 year ago

    Today its Ukraine not joining NATO. Tomorrow, its NATO must disband.

  • John Sarlo 1 year ago

    If you listen to Putin you understand where Trump gets his rhetoric.

  • Luxurious Sam 1 year ago

    The accuracy of the SOUTH AFRICAN accent is on another level

  • Hima P 1 year ago

    Yeah, it is really problematic for Germany with Russia. Their main intention is always money and economy. They don’t want to lose Russian gas, as well as Russian BMW and Adidas customers. It is why they poured a lot of money for COVID economic recovery in the EU, to make the German customers great again.

  • William O'Reiler 1 year ago

    It’s too bad that since we can’t afford Build Back that there is not one red cent to give to the Defense Department as a little extra

  • Kristaps šate 1 year ago

    latvia is a small country but a big country in the will of the people and patriotism

  • Foo Bar 1 year ago

    Putin does have a point, a country on the border of Russia joining Nato is like Mexico joining a military alliance with China, guess what the US response to that would be…

  • jerry jerry 1 year ago

    putin doesn’t want to be contained, wants to expand? another in your face liar, just more dangerous.

  • Ulmasbek Rakhmatullaev 1 year ago

    hahaha Trevor Noah is pure talent

  • Mondli Zama 1 year ago

    best un meeting ever

  • Saif Gigo 1 year ago

    You look more younger in those outfits

  • TheSwedishRider 1 year ago

    Russia has no intention invading Ukraine? Except they already did years ago (Crimea)!

  • Hila King 1 year ago

    I think we provoking Russia by having presence near their border


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