Put Down Your Pandemic Pet: We’ve Got a COVID Mental Health Crisis

Published on January 21, 2022

The lack of affordable mental health care in the US means our best chance of accessing therapy is getting cast on Queer Eye. People say Antoni doesn’t do much, but he’s doing a lot more for us than insurance companies and tech-bro apps mining our therapy transcripts for ads. This is a digital exclusive.




  • Randal Alan Smith 8 months ago

    Blue Shield website referred me to the mental health subcontractor, and the video chat was fully covered with no copay. But when my therapist was chronically changing appointments, the app wouldn’t let me choose another counselor. Having appointments cancelled the same day was an added anxiety trigger. So I had to ghost it—which probably recorded a bad mark on my part.

  • Tom Hoare 8 months ago

    Just to add my situation, I was recently diagnosed with OCD. To start with I looked for a local therapist to talk about OCD and my intrusive thoughts (before I was diagnosed at this point) and I eventually realised he didn’t really know much at all about OCD and wasn’t very helpful.

    So I then went with the american company NOCD (context, I’m in the UK), which is another mental health app like the ones described in this video and I’m currently still going to therapy through NOCD and it’s genunily been a much better experience for me than my previous therapist. I got access to a professional OCD therapist quickly, I got a diagnosis for OCD as well as depression quickly, within the first session actually where as my previous therapist didn’t even attempt to diagnose me and I’m getting good quality help for a similar price (think slightly higher).

    Basically just saying don’t write those apps off completely. I’ve had a positive experience with NOCD.

  • mlebrooks 8 months ago

    Congratulations on 200! 🎉🎉👏👏

  • ꧁Cat G꧂ 8 months ago

    Sorry to be a downer. This segment hit too close to home. Missed this funny lady! Glad your Back.

  • Ecospider5 8 months ago

    All of my doctors are now doing virtual appointments. That has greatly increased my ability to see my counselor and GP Doctor. But I have always had good health insurance.

  • idontwritecomments 8 months ago

    “Down goes Frasier! Down goes Frasier!”

  • Stine W 8 months ago

    I was suffering last year. Underwent psychedelic assisted therapy. It saved every aspect of my life

  • K. Kenji 8 months ago

    Guys if you need mental health, you betterhelp. It’s an online counsiling programm with REAL professionals and affordable therapist.

  • Lauren Serkland 8 months ago

    The hamster situation in Hong Kong makes the title of this video unfortunate.

  • New Message 8 months ago

    My ‘Online Mental Health Face’ is the same as my Tinder Face. A stock photo of some model who’s a7 or 8, so it seems believable.

  • xįrx 8 months ago

    I cannot imagine living in America with mental health issues.
    Nightmare fuel

  • Bobbi Fergus 8 months ago

    I’ve been trying to get psychiatric help for the last 3 months, from 4 different sources. I finally just gave up.

  • Samuel Rausch 8 months ago

    From my personal experience: doctors want to push more and more and more and more and more drugs before they address the root causes. I’ve been on probably a dozen psych meds, pretty much all of them made everything a lot worse from the horrible side effects. I told my doc about the horrendous withdrawal symptoms of effexor and they literally told me “lets see what else we can put you on…”
    Also, all of these treatment centers bring in MILLIONS of dollars in profit. At $1000-$4000/day, 28-90 days/”client” (that’s literally what they call you), and 15-70 “clients” at any given time. Only a 10-20% success rate… You do the math…
    This is why health and caring for others shouldn’t be profit driven. I guarantee these problems will only get worse as our selfishness and greed continues to destroy not only humanity but every living thing on this planet.

  • B DP 8 months ago

    I have been getting extremely sudden and intense ads for psychology apps, depicting panic attacks, for a while – a condition I suffer from. They were pretty triggering, but I thought “well, at least their aim is to help someone”. Turns out it isn’t. Great.

  • gillian 8 months ago

    antoni’s the cook, does she mean karamo? :/

  • Disavowal F 8 months ago

    Sorry, Sam, but I momentarily thought, from the title, that you were going to demand folks euthanise the animals they misguidedly adopted during lockdown. Is it just we Brits that call animal euthanasia “putting down”?!? So glad your back, Slammy Sammy…Happy New Year!!!

  • Drew Ciccotelli 8 months ago

    My boss would always tell me to go to therapy, almost making it a requirement for me to work there but I didn’t make enough to pay the 300/month the therapy asked for so it made me even more anxious about everything I do

  • King Breezy 8 months ago

    was that francesca???? 🤪😉👊🏻!!!

  • Virginia Smith 8 months ago

    Thank you for this..I’m a therapist..this is all soooooo true and on point. Insurance is a joke and is so complicated and the need is extraordinary.

  • Shaun Anstis 8 months ago

    I think “Elbows & Anuses” is a great name for a band… or maybe their first album…


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