Puppetry In The First Degree

Published on June 20, 2022

Stephen talks about last week’s non-surrection. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Jeremy Ness 2 years ago

    How to go from superpower to having ‘American” replace Pollack in previous and future Pollack jokes in 12 short years. ***
    *** I know I know jokes are bad

  • Collins Collins 2 years ago

    Hells ,yeah . Steve!

  • Stormy Mangham 2 years ago

    If Trump is ever incarcerated millions could be made off publicizing his stay in prison. I would watch that reality TV series. Especially if there are some massive disgruntled meat head rapists in the prison. Might need a fairly twisted warden to pull it off. Everyone needs closure for that shameful administration. What an insult to the American people. I’ll pay 100,000 dollars USD to fight Trump in a caged match. I don’t even need a cut of the financial profits!

  • Johnny Redneck 2 years ago

    The only reason Joe Biden approval rating are falling is because coward Trump supporters are flooding the polls inflating the numbers everyone with a brain knows that…

  • Mike H 2 years ago

    @ Glenn Bolderson…. BOT…. Does not compute.

  • Connie Wojahn 2 years ago

    Where are the polls coming from that show President Biden low? diaper don’s news channel?

  • Kul Das 2 years ago

    Look out, Jeff Dunham! They’re coming for you next!

  • Paul Clissold 2 years ago

    Im with the clown it was his biggest rally since the one he attended at nuremberg.

  • GringoFilet 2 years ago

    Comedian? This guy isn’t funny.

  • David Howard 2 years ago

    Trespassing with intent to commit comedy…

  • Miles Maggio 2 years ago

    I feel so bad for AOC on Jan 6th.. even though she wasn’t at the capital that day… but how about the police that died?! even though police actually didn’t die… I’m sure there was something worse about Jan 6th 2021 than June 17th 2022…… I just can’t think of why just yet… it’ll come to me!!!

  • Jim Cottee 2 years ago

    All bicycles suddenly breathe a sigh of relief. ahhh.

  • Rise 'n Shine USA 2 years ago

    Loser with a capital L

  • Rob Lyn 2 years ago

    Why oh why would anyone with a few brain cells go to an event to listen to the drivel that spews from T****’s mouth!

  • Randell graham 2 years ago

    This man is the least American person I have ever met and my grandfather would roll over in his grave.

  • Andrew Mitchell 2 years ago

    I can’t believe the crooked orange turd is now boasting about the size of his insurrection.

  • Jenny J 2 years ago

    A puppet like that Zelensky


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