Protests at Hong Kong’s Airport & A Terrifying Open-Carry “Prank” | The Daily Show



  • iamallamaninja 8 months ago

    I stand with my family in Hong Kong ?? America isn’t the only country with police brutality issues.

  • grumbles 8 months ago

    I might have missed something, but if it’s an open carry place, what did he do that made his actions illegal? I’m not defending or opposing, just trying to understand the legality of it.

  • Kage Danish 8 months ago

    2:35 wow, wow, just… wow

    Go Sodomize yourself with a red hot curling iron

    I Guaran-fuckin-tee that if anyone who wasn’t a Caucasian did the exact same thing that this guy did they would not get shot, Just because you lived through apartide Does not mean you know how every racial incident will unravel. And let’s not forget to give your audience a round of applause for being a bunch of mouth breathing animals who will believe whatever their Lord and Savior Trevor noah will tell them.

    I swear the first amendment rights should be relegated to those who actually have a fully functioning brain.

  • ijvo1951 8 months ago

    The people in America won’t be able to get into an Airport to protest. Pretty cool…

  • mattem 8 months ago

    Hong Kong was never autonomous, was it?

  • Mory Mory 8 months ago

    There are so many ppl that truly believe White Privilege is a myth. A story made up so that ppl can feel sorry for non-whites, get sympathy, and have a ‘bad guy’ to hate. All I can say is that a black man would not have gotten as far as this white man did with his 2a experiment and that’s something that everyone should easily be able to agree on.

  • Christel Headington 8 months ago

    The 2nd amendment, is there to protect the people from government overreach. The “gun people” want us all to be armed to the teeth, everywhere.The gun lobby pushes the government to allow just that. Where is the only “sacred” place you can not carry a gun ? Place of worship? Daycare center ? Walmart?Hell Bar? Banned: Court house, White House Capitol Building…GOVERNMENT OFFICES.

  • Dirty Dan 8 months ago

    People in China are more partriotic than libtard USA citizens.

  • Number Eight or Nine? 8 months ago

    just give everyone a gun and put them on a ranch, they can kill the bad guys with guns then

  • lorne Shields 8 months ago

    Definitely would have been DEAD if he was BLACK SMH ?

  • MIDDLE east 8 months ago

    how much did india give trevor not to speak about kashmir?

  • 杨海军 8 months ago

    Some protesters in Hong Kong have lost control. They beat mainlanders and passengers who do not support them at the airport. The contradictions are intensifying. Maybe we should not comment before the situation remains uncertain.?‍

  • Tony B 8 months ago

    i think if black people walked around with ar15s cops would not fuck with them to try to make a point. their spidey sense would be pegged to the limit though

  • Selena Wright 8 months ago

    The walmart guy also posted a whole rant online that he was wanting shoot up a Walmart

  • Ruizhe He 8 months ago

    Is there anyone gonna address that protestors in HK just attacked traveller and journalist?

  • Baws Nitti 8 months ago

    Orange Hitler
    Moscow Mitch
    White supremacist and Republicans


    ??America ??
    And the rest of the World?

    Everybody spoke too soon
    It was clear Trump is a fucking criminal
    Donny dipshit didn’t even read the Mueller report

    He switches from mob boss to performance artist to idiot who can’t remember all the lies he tells second by second. All he knows is take care of himself first.
    ?? America has always idolized criminals
    Trump’s address is 666. That should tell you everything you need to know. Trump has told over 10 thousand lies and counting that we know about in the last 2 years. Can a President be indicted on crimes that he committed to help him get elected President?
    Clearly U.S.?? laws are extremely flawed. Hundreds of lawsuits. Trump is a knowing Russian agent.
    199 different charges
    35 plead guilty already
    2 just got indicted
    Jared Kushner and Don Jr are next
    Ivanka after that, Trump and Rudy
    They will be talking about this for the next 100 year’s
    Biggest Crime Family in the History of the Modern World
    ?the Trump name will be toxic like Hitler’s
    Has there been any President in US history that has been blatantly committing treason and committed dozens of crimes daily like this monster has. Putin is laughing at Trump and America is under attack by the Trump Crime Family. This is unheard of. Every dictator in the world is celebrating this victory. The fall of Rome at the hands of its own leader. And Trump is proud to be a treasonous traitor. Crimes aren’t crimes anymore. Facts aren’t facts. Legend has it Trump has nothing to do with Trump or his family full of criminals. They should let everyone who’s committed all the crimes he’s committed out of jail Now??? Trump is the National Emergency. More fake caravans coming to America. This orange clown lies like no one in the history of the U.S.?and Republikkkans are complicit in all his crimes as long as they get tax breaks

  • xtscarface M 8 months ago

    If that guy would of been of darker skin he would have been shot or why theres no cop yelling 100 times “drop your gun” before shooting?

  • Endless Void Studios 8 months ago

    kid walks into walmart with gun dose not open fire says was prank……
    pshhhh how do we know he wasn’t planing on doing a mass shooting and just got distracted by Walmart’s great deals :O)

  • amarthyan muvvala 8 months ago

    What exactly spirit airlines did to him?

  • Robert Melvin 8 months ago

    A few years ago someone actually tested this theory. First a white guy walks down a street with a semi-auto, while his assistant filmed the experiment, a cop car pulls up and asks what the guy is doing. He shows the cop his permit and goes on his merry way. A few days later, they run the same experiment with a black guy. Police pull-up draw their guns screaming at the black guy and the assistant; face down in the mud and stop filming or we will shoot. Then the cops called for backup and everyone was arrested. Fortunately everything was filmed, otherwise it would have ended with a murder / execution followed by funerals.


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