Prosecutors Say Donald Trump Committed a Crime: A Closer Look

Published on December 10, 2018

Seth takes a closer look at the Justice Department effectively calling the President of the United States a criminal and Trump announcing the departure of his chief of staff.

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  • Ted K 7 months ago

    Go easy Seth! It want be so bad , you’ll have some new room mates.

  • Victor Johnson 7 months ago

    Smocking rhymes with mocking, Trump is trolling the libtards so hard they don’t even get it!

  • 845835ab 7 months ago

    Yep, our President can barely read and what he can read he has zero comprehension.

  • Kevin Ray 7 months ago

    Ok. Seth acting out the connecting strings part around 7:20 was legitimately hilarious. Really needed that laugh, much appreciated.

  • 65wiseman 7 months ago

    This nonsense has gone on far to long. At least for your own mental health or what’s left of it, President Trump, please resign now and show some dignity.

  • Geral Hammonds 7 months ago

    This is how dumb the population is, they are getting their news from a “comedy show”. Talk about low IQ. Smh,

  • Abigail Andino 7 months ago

    Connecting the dots. Bahahahaha!
    Theres only 2 dots. Lol. I can’t!

  • 0x07 7 months ago

    if you watch these late night funnymen for your news you will be the first to go in the civil war

  • Crazy Cajun 7 months ago

    Trying to read and understand Chump’s weird, delusional tweets is like an average American trying to understand a Chinese phone book. Or a Russian phone book! Lol Can I just hibernate the rest of his term? Wake me up when we have a new president. Unless it’s Mike Pence. Then I’ll just stay sleeping…

  • rasmie 7 months ago

    Who needs to graduate elementary school when you can become the US President without being able to satisfactorily read or write

  • MrThatsomg 7 months ago

    Hes such a freak, he acts like he knows hes a loser, i wonder how many times his farther has told him that

  • Jeffrey DeBlaay 7 months ago

    ha, lame left leaning biased bought & paid for main stream media propaganda spin.
    do people still believe this one sided nonsense??

    wake up. question everything. expand your sources. research all sides of a story…

  • Cassandra DLCM 7 months ago

    “They sacrificed every day for the furniture and future of their children” sounds like a grandparent holding on to their favourite sofa from their college days just to have a conversation starter when the grandchildren come over.

  • brian554xx 7 months ago

    How about this? A constitutional amendment that a president cannot pardon a former president unless and until they have won the presidency in an election.
    For example, if Trump resigns, Pence can’t pardon him unless he wins in 2020.

    Much more stable and fair: A constitutional amendment that makes it impossible to pardon anyone whose current or former position is specifically mentioned in the constitution.

  • Rick Parker 7 months ago

    Nigger-Brained Liberals have NOTHING to offer to anyone, ever and have only ONE OBJECTIVE: Hate a Great Leader. No reasons, but making up reasons to HATE our Greatest President is good enough for Loser Liberals.

  • Brahmini Ravi 7 months ago

    SOOOOO can he be impeached now??

  • Mr,Casino 7 months ago

    I THOUGHT G.O.P. STANDS FOR GRUMPY OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Brooklyn Brohat 7 months ago

    You guys do good work. Thumbs up Bro

  • Nx Doyle 7 months ago

    It’s closing in. Feels slow, is slow. I used to harbor hopes that the payoff would be bigger than the setup. Now I just want him to shut up and go away.

  • Paul Pavich 7 months ago

    Republicans will believe whatever they’re told to believe by their overlords


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