Prosecutors Obtain Millions of Pages of Trump’s Tax Records | The Tonight Show



  • Jules Nine 1 year ago

    I hate Tariq bits tbh he just has such a terrible comedic energy. He is an amazing artist super talented and I love it when they ask him to write music on the spot but when his part of the skit it seems so stiff and lifeless

  • disney fan 1 year ago

    Jimmy fallon is one of the best show host with games and jokes

  • Michael Dent 1 year ago

    re gyms -covaids

  • Annemarie Frank 1 year ago

    The only thing that should be bigger than his ego in Donald Trump’s (74) life is probably his business acumen and his pursuit of money and power. The former president’s net worth is estimated at $ 2.5 billion as of February 2021.

  • Sylvia D B 1 year ago

    Jimmy is just getting hunkier through this pandemic 🤣

  • sherryelebeauty 1 year ago

    Really? Biden Bombs Syria and this is what you idiots talk about? Pathetic…

  • Jessica Walker 1 year ago

    Wenatchee story starts at 7:23

  • air port 1 year ago

    Nice tip of the hat by Jimmy to Brian Regan, one of the top clean comedians working today.

  • Paul Finch 1 year ago

    Boring 🪴

  • Robert Kimball 1 year ago

    Potato Head sounds like a new Slasher movie.

  • C.C 1 year ago

    Does he say “Jews” when he meant to say gyms? Lol

  • Anne Nelson 1 year ago

    Love Tariq

  • brenda north 1 year ago

    Trump’s taxes were filed using the CVS Long Form…

  • Yeyra Ramirez 1 year ago

    Congratulations panthers we made it 😂

  • Lubus Maximus 1 year ago

    Ha ha 😂 that bit about the graphics was Super!
    The A Hole line took the 🥇👏
    Always a Great Show!


    Hey Jimmy Yellow Tail is pretty good, personally im only drinking beer…exclusively…5 % is plenty good, (Old Milly is 4.9%) 🙌
    yet on special occasions this Yellow Tail is mighty tasty and the price is fair, you could do much worse, its like 15 per bottle, thats a medium price,
    @7:15 the accent probably should have been Australian 🇦🇺 or Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    ☮️ 💜

  • Jesi Pohl 1 year ago

    Frasier – if we wanted to watch a hatefully conservative man pretend to be progressive, we could just watch the boomers in the democratic party give speeches.

  • Michael reacts to Bears and Hawks Postgame Reaction 1 year ago

    Trump still living rent free in these people’s heads. The dude isn’t president anymore. Move on.

  • I_hate_vampires 1 year ago

    His Brian Regan impression is my favorite

  • allen chang 1 year ago

    Trump’s a narcissistic psycho and Biden’s a coward and an opportunist. Bernie is a 1000 times better person than any of these scumbags. Too bad people don’t see that.


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