Promising Vaccine Trials & Teachers Brace for Back to School | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on July 16, 2020

The latest in coronavirus news: a vaccine trial seems promising, restaurant-goers and the White House ignore the CDC, teachers prepare wills before back-to-school season, and teens dress up as mask-wearing grandmas to buy booze. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  • Madina Khan 8 months ago

    Masks does more harm than good if u wanna wear the damn thing do so but don’t tell me to follow your illusions

  • James Marsh 8 months ago

    yeah.. probably the least funny “comedian” i have ever seen. just goes to show you dont need any creativity to gain a following.

  • i cant splel 8 months ago

    so 9/11 attack killed about 3000 people and we went to war over it. this virus killed over 100,000 people and were protesting masks. as wise poet once said: nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying – Joker

  • ANDY VAN KERKHOVE 8 months ago

    What about the riots and protests… oh thats ok…
    Stop the fearmongering…

  • David Scherer 8 months ago

    When Trump left the WHO, I thought that America still had the CDC. I guess that’s over now. What’s next? Trump closes the hospitals?

  • Rocio Iribe 8 months ago

    Honestly, this is truly just making me want to curl up in a corner, hold my knees and rock as i silently cry. I shouldn’t watched any news today.

  • xx롤라 8 months ago

    Nah I’m good

  • Örlogskapten 8 months ago

    I hate people…

  • Aj Ajaj 8 months ago

    The orange chump part of this reason

  • Sai Sundeep 8 months ago

    Those dislikes from trump supporters are just dumb man.

  • Harlan Absher 8 months ago

    Oh yes I’m sure these teenagers will stop getting booze while dressed as Grandma’s because the Boomers on TV told them to

  • T Baby 8 months ago

    Teachers should strike

  • Josef Brunner 8 months ago

    Good idea! Hide the corona-virus numbers and the virus is stopped! Good work Spanky, you are a really stable genius!

  • Andrew L PickfordIII 8 months ago

    When they get it, they won’t be smiling!

  • Andika Lukiko 8 months ago

    Bruh i am from asia and saw this lol i am maybe not even suprised

  • Taka Etono 8 months ago

    wait a moment.
    these antibodies are not permanent. so inheriting is not a sure thing, mkay?

  • Samantha 8 months ago

    He’s great with numbers 🙄😅 1 million, 870 thousdand million tests lmao A real stable genius🤣

  • Nino Ninochki 8 months ago

    If someone hasn’t said:
    Easy poached egg recipe –
    Fill coffee cup almost full with water
    Add about 3 drops of vinegar
    Crack 1 egg into cup
    Microwave for 1min to 1.5min
    Strain out the poached egg
    Ta-da! You’re welcome… 🙂

  • ken kivuva 8 months ago

    Romans 13:1-2

  • FREEDOM FOR ALL 8 months ago

    if first episode of THE WALKING DEAD started in 2020 the spray painted door in hospital should say DON’T OPEN REPUBLICANS INSIDE.


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