Profiles in Tremendousness – Senior Adviser Stephen Miller: The Daily Show

Published on February 14, 2017

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller defends President Trump’s false claims of voter fraud in a series of irate TV news appearances.

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  • Mary Willson 1 year ago

    So it’s true. Trump’s tool is enormous

  • John Keith 1 year ago

    Stephen Miller is about as EVIL as you can get, if you’r not Trump…

  • Ebony Nyle 1 year ago

    Stephen Miller remind me of the mean rich old guy from the Simpson Montgomery Burns.

  • Sylvester Wright 1 year ago

    The twin brother of the great gazoo of the Flintstones take me to your leader.

  • Arturo RoblesGiveit2me 1 year ago

    Miller is the only baldheaded son of a bitch that had a receding hairline in the first grade.

  • Daniel Vazquez 1 year ago

    Colluding with Russians to hack or retrieve or gain emails or colluding with Russians to interfere with the election is a conspiracy. What part of that is confusing to a lawyer. Just because fox sheep are being fed the false narrative that it’s not, does not make it “not” a crime. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.

  • max audi 1 year ago

    Miller sounds like the crazy North Korean woman on state TV

  • Nils Joost 1 year ago

    Oh my god, Miller just cocked this dense motherfucker Acosta. I hope Millers fucks Acostas wife, would be hard earned.Acosta saying: “Communist poemwriters should decide our immigration law and “Negroes” are unable to learn english” . I laughed for minutes xD, democrates just stay the same they did in 1861

  • graham barlin 1 year ago

    Trevor Noah is a leftist fraud. His humour is puerile but his sheer venom is for real.

  • Cheryl Dart 1 year ago

    FUCK YOU Trevor…..FUCK YOU

  • jeannine grant 1 year ago

    reincarnated Joseph Goebbels Nazi aka Steven Miller Nazi looks like a twin

  • Mo R. 1 year ago

    He is the biggest dick on the planet , well one of the biggest

  • Dave Eirikid 1 year ago

    Only 31 years old! I thought he was 50.

  • Alba Gutierrez 1 year ago

    Miller is so weird

  • BundesRepublic Murica 1 year ago

    He looks like he’s on some old school antipsychotic meds with his waxy countenance, “facies”.

  • sgbobsg 1 year ago

    He’s a Jewish man who thinks he is Joseph Goebbels.

  • Prostatitis CPPS 1 year ago

    Put yourself on a TV-Show and make those statements. Endure the pressure of millions watching. Then we will see how tough you are. It is his job to support his employer, folks.

  • Hassan Hassan 1 year ago

    31 look like old evil man

  • T-Swizzle 1 year ago

    why he look like evil sheldon’


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