Profiles In Discourage: Arthur Jones, The GOP’s Actual Nazi

Published on February 28, 2018

In another edition of ‘Midterms 2018: Profiles in Discourage,’ Stephen introduces America to an actual Nazi representing the GOP for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District, Arthur Jones.

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  • Blue Skies 12 months ago


  • John Caulder 12 months ago

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

  • Ashmita Nandy 12 months ago

    That man _really_ wants that third Peabody Award!! 😂

  • Don'tMindMeJustAnotherCommentorMoveAlong 12 months ago

    Who the fuck do I have to deck in the jaw

  • Adrian Duran 12 months ago

    2:23 WW2 started when the Japanese invaded China, not when the Germans invaded Poland

  • Angry Kittens 12 months ago

    There’s no place in the GOP for Neo-Nazis. Only KKK is allowed.

  • Governor villa 12 months ago

    Republican nazis in the new norm , Thanks Trump !

  • Dominic Wells 12 months ago

    See what you’ve done is promote this guy that no-one knew about and given him a much higher chance of winning. He probably won’t but that is exactly what the media did to Trump

  • Ralph A. Wolf 12 months ago

    Took me awhile to see it. But the picture is becoming more clear. And I’ve had to eat a little crow (and some humble pie) to garner my current geo-political perspective.

    The biggest mistake people make with Donald Trump is their proclivity to underestimate him. Donald Trump is NOT a lawyer or a politician. He’s an alpha male maverick man… and crazy like a fox. A genius wearing the mask of a simpleton.

    I still laugh how Repub-lie-cons and neo-fascist leftists (anti-American Democrat-rats) never thought Trump would win the presidential $ellection in 2016. I now suspect partisan hacks in both parties will suffer similar miscalculations in 2018 and 2020.

    Donald Trump might get the last laugh… because he knows we’re in the middle of a political revolution. Alleged comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert probably don’t see that.


  • ted mills 12 months ago

    “Peabody Award-entered Series”…lol you know that’s a dig at Bill O’Reilly

  • nirav dalal 12 months ago

    20th comment!

  • You don't know me 12 months ago

    You really gotta admire anyone else cause he’s a nazi😂 You had me for a moment there!

  • Kalyan Thupili 12 months ago

    Protesting injustice by kneeling during the national anthem –
    “Fire them all! They are disrespecting our flag!”

    Neo Nazis literally waving Nazi and Confederate flags, the symbols of the worst enemies of the US –

    “OH! Let them run for office! They seem to know their stuff.”

    GOP in a nutshell.😑

  • Fusel 12 months ago

    As a Austrian, I can simply not understand why there are still so many nazis in the US.

  • Pano 360 12 months ago

    “Everyone I don’t like is a Nazi!”

    Oh wait… he’s dressed as a Nazi, gives speeches at Nazi rallies and espouses Nazi beliefs… never mind, then. He clearly is one.

  • Jerricola 12 months ago

    Well this is a no brainer. Nazis aside this is a chance to get some people in who will actually make some changes for the better, good luck everyone.

  • New Message 12 months ago

    I bet Arthur Jones’ ‘The Penguin’ cosplay kicks ass though.

  • Franz Joseph Esguerra 12 months ago

    Republican: Hey, we have a party member who is also an actual Nazi. Meh, could be worse.


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