Processing Trump’s Press Conference: The Daily Show

Published on January 13, 2017

During his first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump refuses to fully divest from his business empire and continues to shoot down requests for his tax returns.

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  • Chromozome1205 2 years ago

    Noah is a clear threat to American values. Hosts a show that cut clips take out of context and attempt to educate young Americans and use comedy as a shield to lie though his fucking teeth b/c he’s the actual racist/anti-American pos. Fuck him and all of his ilk. I wish the guy would just come out of the closet about his hatred b/c it’s blatantly obvious.

  • Walt Morton 2 years ago

    You are such a loser you and all the other talk show host for late night I ever see you on the street I’m going to slug you in the mouth you deserve more than that you need to be banned from the FCC I can’t stand you your demise will get you in the end losers is what you are

  • Дарья Кузнецов 2 years ago

    HAha wow! Do a Google on Walter Shaub, says he resigned in July.

  • Faith Rada 2 years ago

    Actually I care, and all my friends CARE … Very Much … about seeing Mr. Trump’s Tax Returns. So, once again the man LIES LIES LIES.

  • eddiequest4 2 years ago

    Indeed, Shaub had enough of the bullshit, and jumped off this titanic, saying ” …under Trump the United States government will be seen as a kleptocracy.” And so far, Shaub was spot on.

  • Lynn Wiechmann 2 years ago

    Una iiiiik

  • Deborah Watkins 2 years ago

    We want to see your tax returns! I care.

  • rashdan 97 2 years ago

    1K dislike from trump fans. 😂

  • Jose Starks 2 years ago

    uneducated rednecks who got on Hillarys ass about receiving Goldman-Sachs donations elect a candidate that has a multibillion dollar company. Hypocrites

  • jax brayton 2 years ago

    Using wwe for views

  • Acap 17 2 years ago

    US citizens must be proud of their president right now 😂😂😂

  • Krogan Popy 2 years ago

    Don…………and Eric.

  • Xander Lowe 2 years ago

    I work as a teacher, and three students, in the same class, handed in identical essays, the only difference being the name at the top. When I confronted them, I wasn’t sure to be angrier that they had cheated… or that they thought I was so stupid as not to notice you all handed in THE EXACT SAME ESSAYS.

    I feel that way about Donald Trump. I don’t know if I should be angry at his incompetent shows like the files, or angry he thinks we’re stupid enough not to notice.

  • Gnostic atheist 2 years ago

    If anyone from the CIA is watching this and thinking it would be morally wrong to assassinate Trump it isn’t do it

  • Atum Isrophil 2 years ago

    A great country is now being ruled by a jerk, He claimed racism and people voted for him, Unaware of the fact that he is only good at that not at running a country. Sad

  • Naqeeb Naushad 1 year ago

    Eric looks like joker in suicide squad…..or just me?

  • Ayan Ray Baruah 1 year ago

    A lifetime of happiness for all the comedians of the world. A freaking gold mine. From behalf of all the comedians of the world, Thank You America.

  • Stephanie luv 1 year ago

    Yet here we are almost 2 years later. Has anything changed?????

  • Jordan Sullivan 1 year ago

    I don’t think I can even do that with my fingers. 0:50

  • kamasoutrek 1 year ago

    I like the show, but the crowd is creeping me out. They clap and woo at anything. Is it directed or spontaneous? They actually remind me of Trump’s crowd, a bunch of sheep blindly cheering for a face they love…


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