Prison: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on July 21, 2014

America’s prisons are broken. Just ask John Oliver and several puppets.

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  • PhilJr 3 years ago

    Fix issues in prison and make life look worth living and they will come out
    with a new attitude and ready to do the right thing!

    It’s not a hard concept!

    Most criminals lives start in the home of a criminal. A parent or family
    member gets them involved. They know no other life exists!

    So we send them to jail and punish them
    For their parents mistakes and make them feel like they’re worth nothing
    and can’t do anything worthwhile.

    We need to empower every man in jail to know he can do it! He can have a
    great life!

    Just being a kid I remember how crazy it seemed like I could have a home
    and a wife and kids! I had a good life! Imagine being raised from squalor
    and feeling like the world is after you because of the conditions you were
    raised? No it doesn’t need to be this way. Please people! These are human

  • Alexandro Hutt 3 years ago

    When I was a kid a idolized America and thought they were the leading
    example for everything that’s good, funny how opinions change when you grow
    up.. Poor Americans.

  • Nikhil Waiker 3 years ago

    Wait! The blue fur ball knows what heroine and Crack is, but not what C
    section is?!

  • fanficbug 3 years ago

    That clip of the director of prisons was physically painful.

  • Daniel Kindh 2 years ago

    How about trying to get prisoners back to society you fucknuts

  • callmejoe333 2 years ago

    I clicked on this video and said “let’s see how many orange is the new
    black references they make” and there’s one in the first 15 seconds. Damn.

  • BlackEpyon 2 years ago

    Prison attendance went up since the 1970’s? What’s that other thing that
    started in the ’70’s? Oh yeah! The drug war!

    Huston, I found your problem!

  • Asmodeus 2 years ago

    Ah Capitalism, where money’s worth more than a human life.

  • John Oliver 2 years ago

    prison in its current state in the US isnt meant to reform people or else
    it wouldnt as bad as it is. you cant treat people this badly on accident.

    this is so horrific im finding it hard to laugh at, and its John Oliver (no
    relation) telling it to me! thats like not cringing at a brony reading his
    personal fanfiction because it happens to be Leonard Nimoy. that man’s
    voice commands serious respect.

  • Christian Stafford 2 years ago

    I hate rape jokes.

  • Gerard Jagroo 2 years ago

    And he sings too!

  • Helena Key 2 years ago

    I live in Venezuela; the most impoverished country in all latin america. In
    the whole world, there’s only eight countries with a worse economy than
    mine and they are all in the South of Africa. Needless to say, the level of
    starving people in here is mindblowing. And yet, I’ve never heard of anyone
    dying from a bacteria in food delivered by a supplier. Never. No matter how
    bad things are, not a single company in this country has been desperate
    enough to give rotten food to their clients. Maybe old, but not rotten. Are
    you seriously telling me that in USA people is dying from this not because
    they are going hungry, but because their companies’s priorities is to look
    after of their expenses?

  • Dolores M 2 years ago

    What size is a solitary confinement cell?

  • jeff “Xxx_The_Faceless_Man_xxX” jefferson 2 years ago

    sesame Street tackles tough subjects all the time, it’s not just jail, they
    delt with aids in aftica, and they almost had an episode where Ernie died.

  • Dark Joker 2 years ago

    German Prison System not Perfect but close to it :D

  • Tomas Roque 2 years ago

    im portuguese.
    what do americans have against florida?

  • Daniel Yowell 2 years ago

    4:41 actually, it would be a dozen and a baker’s dozen.

  • Kristian Brandt 2 years ago

    So true about political courage. You Yanks have so many problems that could
    be solved fairly easy, if only the powers at hand had the balls to do their
    jobs properly.

  • Shalev Shuta 2 years ago

    that heroin joke had me dying

  • Shahar “Brick” Etedgy 2 years ago



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