Prince Andrew Takes Heat for Refusing to Help with the Epstein Investigation | The Daily Show

Published on January 31, 2020

An American prosecutor publicly scolded British royal Prince Andrew for declining to testify about his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. #TheDailyShow



  • Jonas E. 3 years ago

    Why would he be asked for help, a whitness accused him of raping her when she was 17. There are emails where he asked Epstein for a call to talk about the girl who accused him of rape. How is this guy not on court already?

  • Bailo Descalza 3 years ago

    This type of behaviour is what ignites conspiracy theories against the royalty. Not just shady, he’s complicit and guilty!!!

  • Jewel 3 years ago

    Well we must get ready for the fallout for all future claims like this—real rules are OUT!!!!!

  • Goo Lagoon 3 years ago

    Andrew isn’t protecting his dead friend, he’s protecting his own ass.

  • rek131 3 years ago

    I’ve been thinking Impeached Traitor-Trump killed Epstein….didn’t think that there may have been British support, however.

  • ThePltsweet 3 years ago

    Most wealthy, powerful men have a filthy insatiable appetite for underage girls(or boys for that matter). When you have money, power and respect, you think you can get away with anything, and in most cases they do. This is one of the few times it catches up to them.

  • Sic fith 3 years ago

    Of course Prince Andrew is shady, he can’t sweat… How else could he regulate his body temperature?

  • Martin Vojtech 3 years ago

    I dont want to defend prince Andrew … but first “american presecutor” should know that he have no authority over british citizen. If UK courts decide to prosecute … than start throwing stones, but US … keep calm and STFU.

  • Grace Tukuru 3 years ago

    Thank God the distraction drama of the Sussexes is finally fading.

  • Nameer Najeeb 3 years ago

    Queen and navy seal scarface like showdown. Queen will say give greatings to my tiny mate cherio cherio.

  • Marina Guajardo 3 years ago

    Big deal. We have an ambassador who won’t be accountable for the hit n run she did in GB.

  • George ONeal 3 years ago

    He has a lot to hide

  • Управляющая компания ТОР Групп 3 years ago

    Oh ,calling him out for refusing to testify… so you do still understandt these silly things called laws , I’VE BEEN WATCHING TRUMP’S TRIAL ON ANOTHER CHANNEL!

  • michael okesanya 3 years ago

    Imagine your the daily show using your picture As the Nigerian prince

  • shopperoo99 3 years ago

    He should be in jail. Too many wealthy people with social status are getting away with serious crimes. Back in 2012, the police discovered a decomposed body of a 17 year old girl name Alisa Dmitrijeva on the Queen’s Estate property . Justice for Alisa !!! The pedos are killing children to cover their tracks after they are done .

  • Jacob S. 3 years ago

    Is this a repost? I feel like I watched this already.

  • matt thomas 3 years ago

    he should never be allowed to leave that tiny insignificant island ever again. hopefully 2020is the year liz croaks and this whole convoluted house of windsor collapses in on itself…i mean not even her grandkids want anything to do with it anymore get with the times anglo-land.

  • Allan Gauci 3 years ago

    Why would he implicate himself? He will take the 5th

  • DESTINY Targeted Individuals 3 years ago

    Trump & Obama & their rotten lot! Stop watching us from laptop hidden cams etc! Loser perverts! They bugged everything we have! No privacy! Trash others lives 4yrs, 24/7 because they’re BORED?!

  • chilanya 3 years ago

    and the queen has those ankle biting corgi’s… the marines don’t stand a chance!


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