Pride — For Straights! Featuring Betty Who

Published on June 24, 2022

While Pride Month may be winding down, being an ally is a year-round venture. Sam has Betty Who break down how to be a good ally at Pride and beyond—for the straights.




  • New Message 7 months ago

    Would be nice to steal a corporation’s motto for once, anyhow.

  • tobermory88 7 months ago


  • John Orosz 7 months ago

    Pride in one’s country, often in the belief that it is better than any other — was sweeping over the continent. Nations were busy building their militaries and forming alliances with one another for protection. Even so, few people thought a war would result. That changed in late June when Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, went to Bosnia to inspect troops. Bosnia was part of Austria then, but Serbia claimed it, too. As Franz Ferdinand and his wife rode in an open car through Sarajevo, Bosnia’s capital, a Bosnian Serb who opposed Austro-Hungarian rule shot and killed them. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia and declared war. Other nations, united by their treaties, jumped in. By early August, World War I had begun. When it was over, more than four years later, the map of Europe looked very different. Empires had toppled. New countries had formed. The war set off a century of change in Europe’s borders. They shifted again when a second world war broke out just 20 years after the first one ended. The map has continued to change, right up to the present day. The countries that fought in World War I split into two camps. Russia, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland) were among those that sided with Serbia. They were called the Allies. Opposing them were the Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. A few countries — Spain and Switzerland, for example — stayed neutral, not choosing a side. The United States, largely in response to German submarine attacks on its ships, joined the Allies in April 1917. Most of the fighting took place on two fronts in Europe, but the war also spread to the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and some Pacific islands.

  • Massimo O'Kissed 7 months ago

    Is she married to Doctor Who ?

  • Kitty Walker 7 months ago

    Caught a glimpse of Betty’s radiant face on GMA this a.m. – must live a charmed life to look so remarkably light-hearted. Can u imagine if ur mother had that face? Just so lovely!
    Ftr, I’m generally much more focused on people’s inner beauty – and obviously, she has plenty … it’s not possible to look like an angel without some Angel parts.

  • yniol cruz 7 months ago

    I’m an ally. Go vote 🗳.

  • Lisa Dee 7 months ago

    I hope the producers of “Untamed” (the Glennon Doyle movie) cast Betty as Abby Wambach, she’d be perfect!

  • Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy 7 months ago

    Well, I’m not straight, but these are definitely some good tips.😉🌈

  • Tecpaocelotl Castillo 7 months ago



  • MrCejw 7 months ago

    Hi Sam, I’m a little bit confused about Pride. I’m hetero but I also want to be supportive. What should I do,?


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