President Trump Simplifies Air Force One

Published on March 13, 2019

After tweeting that airplanes are ‘too complex to fly,’ the President is going back to the drawing board to revamp Air Force One.

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  • Royy Rogers 3 years ago


  • Mr Magoo 3 years ago

    We are living in the movie Idiocracy and Trump is President Camacho.

  • Airik Luna 3 years ago

    IQ one on Airforce One…

  • E M 3 years ago

    congratz to every american out there, you get what you deserve 😀

  • Floss Man 3 years ago

    Yes, because flying a De Havilland Comet was *much* easier than flying a modern jet airliner. No pesky things like “weather radar” and all the other advancements that help pilots fly today…

  • Phillip Benson 3 years ago

    I can picture Trump up on the side of a hill somewhere, with wings strapped on his arms, flapping away and occasionally jumping in the air, looking around to see if his feet have left the ground.

  • Cypresssina 3 years ago

    I’m so glad Trump is such a technology expert.

  • Max Covfefe 3 years ago

    Great. Let’s get Trump the oldest, simplest plane we can find and slap “AF-1” on the side of it. That should make him happy.

  • smackCenter 3 years ago

    Goddamn, that was funny! 😀

  • Rata 4U 3 years ago


    Too funny. Trump is just too stupid!

  • Tobel Stoker 3 years ago

    [–]WhatDePhuck 97 Punkte vor 5 Stunden
    When the story first came out some pilots tried to discuss the MCAS system, which had not been included in the manuals and which was an entirely unknown system to the pilots. The pilots trying to discuss it were mocked in the aviation community and online for their “conspiracy about a secret computer”.

    Turns out they were right, there was a new computer that had essentially been kept a secret from them.

    Even after it was reported to exist, the pilots were still mocked by people who were too arrogant to admit their mistake. The news sources were attacked and were called liars, and the system was essentially ignored until now.

    This whole thing has been a lesson on the dangers of arrogance.

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    [–]dlab 1 Punkt vor 3 Minuten
    So they secretly install Drone Systems into the Airliners so noone can Hijack them. And the Dronesystem Hijacked 2 planes and they killed 300+ people? Thats what could be the story?

  • Cheryl Sibson 3 years ago

    eh, I don’t know about taking away autopilots, and school bus drivers, some things should be left to human touch, eh, I guess its like automated toilets, just one more thing for him to get use to? but he’d have to pay a quarter first.

  • Worrywart 3 years ago

    Just for the record, I don’t want Albert Einstein checking my prostate.

  • Mats K 3 years ago

    “Nobody knows more about airplanes than me. Nobody. Believe me.”

  • BellaDelilahWho 3 years ago

    Oh that complex technology that make it possible for you to write on twitter.

  • Husky Passion 3 years ago

    presidents are far too complicated, they should be back to dumdum.
    Oh wait….

  • Riley Sluder 3 years ago

    this could be the one thing that I agree with DumpTruckFrump about. Companies always having to change technology for dumb reasons, other than to meet the budget… If it aint broke….aint gonna haveta doneder fix it. G’fak’yself

  • SuperEdge67 3 years ago

    Trump is an idiot……aircraft are much more simple to fly than previously. Most airliners spend more than 90% of the time on autopilot. Navigation is all done by a computer. So in many ways the pilots on the 1950s were more skilled than modern pilots.

  • Super Mojo 3 years ago

    Fullpower idiocracy…


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