President Trump Is Now Personally Under Investigation: A Closer Look

Published on June 15, 2017

Seth takes a closer look at reports that President Trump is personally under investigation for obstruction of justice as Senate Republicans edge closer to passing a secret health care bill.

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  • circletide 10 months ago

    wow about time

  • Daniel Aalfs 10 months ago

    oh boi oh boi oh boi it just keeps getting juicer and juicer I’ve stopped caring about my actual life and just keep reading COVFEFE MEMES
    and something else that’s great is that Mike pence also just hired a personal attorney so maybe there’s some stuff there too ! oh boi

  • Sebastian Artola 10 months ago

    I’m a simple man, I see Seth, I click. I see him talk about Trump, I laugh. 😄

  • LeoP2008 10 months ago

    *Sees a Seth Meyers Video* Dear GAWD, what did he do now…

  • кιмσиє 10 months ago

    I’m early. And Seth is still amazing. I guess some things never change.

  • el hombre más buscado 10 months ago

    who cares about your fucking birthday Orange monkey impeach him know

  • Cammy O 10 months ago

    Goin on & on about his birthday like a 14yr old girl..
    l-o-fuckin-l.. SO pathetic..

  • charmedfan7704 10 months ago

    Trump’s birthday, but Americans got the present. That’s gotta sting 🙂

    Good God. Trump outdoes himself in stupidity every time he opens his mouth. Even Bush Jr. didn’t do that, although he was close. Love the Baywatch joke.

  • Get Rekt 10 months ago

    Trump supporters during the campaign when Hilllary is under investigation: “We can’t have a president under FBI investigation”

    Trump supporters when Trump is under investigation: BUT HER EMAILS! FAKE NEWS!

  • Emmett Leone-Woods 10 months ago

    What a terrible waste of a perfectly good cake.

  • Smocky Tubers 10 months ago

    Lock him up!

  • Jingya Sun 10 months ago

    What a waste of a perfectly good cake…

  • Alannah Hawks 10 months ago

    Sometimes I hate getting here early, because then I miss all the great comments.

  • PixelGirl2006 10 months ago

    Trump loves to win, right? Then he’ll have no problem ‘winning’ at obstruction of justice.

  • amy 10 months ago

    LOCK H!M UP !!! LOCK H!M UP !!! LOCK H!M UP !!! orange jumpsuit will compliment his skin & hair

  • HighGeneral Blitz 10 months ago

    There’s so much breaking news until there’s no such thing as breaking news

  • cc22ful 10 months ago

    Still waiting for the day Trump will confess that this was all a joke and then disappear forever.

  • New Message 10 months ago

    Don’t worry, Donny… this’ll be the best investigation. The best. Big league. Trust me.

  • Random Vids Guy 10 months ago

    Its always a circus in the white house! xD

  • brainflash1 10 months ago

    It’s offensively ignorant how people can still look at all the bullshit Trump has done over the past five months and say “Meh, Hillary would’ve been just as bad. Some guy on the internet said so.”


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