President Trump Is Moving to Florida

Published on November 5, 2019

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, November 4.

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  • ursaltydog 11 months ago

    Now if we can get him to move out of the White House and stay in Florida.. where all the seniors move to in order to drive golf carts drunk, take up the nude beaches and spread STD’s,

  • New Message 11 months ago

    So.. Miller’s fiancee’s 7 year contract with Satan is up, I guess. Hope she had a good run… ’cause it’s all damnation from here on out.

  • KingOfMadCows 11 months ago

    Stephen Miller soon to add another human skin suit to his collection.

  • Ward M 11 months ago

    Florida Man has revealed his final form.

  • Ryan lex 11 months ago

    i heard beto o rourke has drop out of the race. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • New Message 11 months ago

    _David Cameron has left the chat_

  • SirenHound 11 months ago

    You all know he’s not *actually* moving right?

  • KelZ X 11 months ago

    Great, Florida he’s your burden now!

  • liberty Ann 11 months ago

    They WERE saying “Moooove!” from DC at the World Series!

  • Celldweller Fangirl 11 months ago

    I’m just gonna go curl up into the foetal position, play Sound of Silence and slip into the black hole of depression after hearing Stephen “Gollum” Miller is not only dating an actual human being, but is now engaged whilst myself and many are still single.

    I see now why some people drink.

  • Michael McGinley 11 months ago

    America …. the world’s worst country.

  • Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis 11 months ago

    Still pushing the lie that the entire audience was booing Trump, are we?

  • sage ohio 11 months ago

    Since the G7 wont be paying mar largo bills now he can get the United States to pay for them as his residence

  • TheKaiTetley 11 months ago

    Trump: Do these reading glasses make me look like an ugly fat freak?
    Melania: No Donald my love. Your stupid fat face does that.

  • Dave Lee 11 months ago

    Yeah, just go ahead and move there. No need to announce it on your tweet. We the US citizens don’t care where you live as long as you don’t flee the country when you are out of office.

  • specialpatrolgroup92 11 months ago

    Why would you agree to marry Stephen Miller?

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 11 months ago

    Melania gets tunnel-vision seeing other hotties…

    But not Trump.

  • Dead Freight West 11 months ago

    Made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear on that last joke.

  • Harold075 11 months ago

    Perhaps Moon would be better place for Trump.

  • Lindalee Law 11 months ago

    I just threw- up in my mouth. Sone woman married Miller ? I hope she kills him in his sleep.
    ” no officer, he thought the pillow was a marshmallow”….


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