President Trump Attacks Fox News in Twitter Rant

Published on December 18, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, December 17.

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  • Hot Rod Andrube 3 years ago

    That was awesome! I laughed hard at “I don’t understand how any of this works!? Had to rewatch. :38

  • RickStar 3 years ago

    The Democrats won’t watch Fox. And now Trump supporters won’t watch Fox.
    Fox is dead. Serves them right for sucking up to Trump for four years.
    Trump shows no loyalty to anyone. And throws you in the garbage when you are not useful anymore. You must show unending loyalty, while he shows you none.

  • Sigrún Birta 3 years ago

    that john joke sounded very john

  • Helena Hades 3 years ago

    Geez. Trump is afraid. He lost the election and he’s afraid. Not that I’m having much sympathy mind you. I mostly feel bad for how pathetic he’s been.

  • Waverly Grant 3 years ago

    “My door man’s name is John Mulaney”


  • S M 3 years ago

    A Twitter rant you say?….’This just in, this just in – Water is wet, news at 11……’

  • S R 3 years ago

    This show used to be funny…. He looks so fake,maybe he is sick and tired of his job…

  • Krystof Dayne 3 years ago

    That student joke is pretty much spot on. I’m drinking so little lately, last time we got together over Discord I got a hangover after drinking only 6 pints. That’s pathetic.

  • Bradley Sear 3 years ago

    Who watches latenight your weenieness

  • Action Hiro 3 years ago

    The Australian say.
    “Trump has a few loose kangaroos in the top paddock”

  • Frederiksted St. Croix 3 years ago

    BYE BYE Trump! Such a Christmas gift for all of us to enjoy with a Tropicana mimosa.

  • Robert Hunt 3 years ago

    Shouldn’t Twitter be censoring those posts in order to preserve our free press? Why are they tolerating these baseless claims against our media? Don’t they realize what a horrible threat this is to our democracy??

  • bible waters 3 years ago

    Shut him up

  • Garry Willits 3 years ago

    Its an amazing interconnected world we live in. I spent a couple of minutes watching people having snow ball fights in Times square on 4K web cam in real time from the UK (we haven’t had any real snow now for years). To think this has only conceivable for 20 years.


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