President Obama to Appear on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 28, 2016

Bill Maher’s interview with President Barack Obama will air November 4th at 10pm on HBO.

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It’s HBO.

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  • patrialibre12 1 year ago

    I signed that petition!!! It’s going to be so interesting to watch ??

  • the nicolas talk show 1 year ago

    finally president Obama is going on real time, can’t wait to see him react
    to new rules

  • Felix Dressler 1 year ago

    So glad
    The show deserves that for being so smart and educating
    Obama will reach so many intelligent people all over the world with his

    Bill Maher is one of the true great

    Love from Germany

  • Mickie Gant 1 year ago

    Obama is just as guilty as Clinton. I use to love your show but even you
    have been a sell out.

  • Derrick Belanger 1 year ago

    Please, please, please pressure him on TPP. That’s all I want. You can talk
    to him about unicorns and rainbows for all I care after that. Just hold his
    feet to the fire on TPP.

  • Mike R 1 year ago

    We have a choice between Trump or Hillary. Only one of these two can win.

    We can choose a centrist dem or a bullet to the head. Your choice America.

  • New Message (Unread) 1 year ago

    so Nov. 4th will be a softball episode.. meh.. I’ll still tune in.

  • Phoenix 1 year ago

    why now? he is not coming due to goodness of his heart. for him, its an
    chance to convince few leftists to vote Hillary not jill stein/trump/not

  • Aldo Hernández 1 year ago

    I signed the petition! so excited to see the interview

  • Alvicbar 1 year ago

    FBI reopens email investigation. Thank wikileaks. Obama knew about the
    private server. Dems cheated Bernie, now we get Trump.

  • TotallyNotASeaOtter 1 year ago

    Ask him how he feels about the impending World War he’s gotten us in to.

  • Mahen Nowzadick 1 year ago

    He should have said how much signature was on that petition, because i
    Signed it too!

  • Nile Ab 1 year ago

    Back in 2011, Bill used to criticize Obama for being centrist on his show.

  • Jamail44 1 year ago

    Was it because you kinda started to suck Hillary’s Uncircumcised Dick??

  • K. Wright 1 year ago

    Outstanding, Bill Maher, and to us, all your loyal viewers.

  • 1nine89 1 year ago

    I just received an email that it’s happening. I can’t wait!

  • Jonathan Taylor 1 year ago

    i was JUST thinking about this a few days ago when i saw obama on jimmy
    kimmel! Finally!

  • Tom Burns 1 year ago

    I’m not even a US citizen and I signed this petition! Glad it came through
    for you, Bill :)

  • Robert Szydlowski 1 year ago

    Bill you full bs every week gets worst

  • Martin Anderson 1 year ago

    Finally, Obama will be on the show. This better be good :)


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