President Obama Reflects On The Drone Program And “The Illusion That It Is Not War”

Published on December 1, 2020

President Obama describes the decision-making process behind his administration’s use of drone strikes and why he ultimately had to reform the system. Barack Obama’s new memoir “A Promised Land” is available everywhere now. #Colbert #PresidentObama #BarackObama

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  • World of Heat 1 year ago

    Steven: UFOs?
    Obama: I cant tell you.
    Me: Oh shit!! what?! Now that is scary.

  • Bob Wunder 1 year ago

    was never a Illusion caused by distance for the kurds though

  • Squarey Square 1 year ago

    “Ant UFO’s?” “Can’t tell you about that” Okkkay..

  • under score 1 year ago

    Absolute NON EVENT

  • mm KAY 1 year ago

    Mann predator bees arent scary but terminator pterodactyls…or even terminators flying gliders…..

  • Eggplant Eggplant 1 year ago

    Those drone strikes killed so many innocent civilians overseas. Look up what we did in Yemen. He hardly sounds remorseful. And Palestine. All the money we give Israel that funds ethnic cleansing. Yes Obama is a breath of fresh air compared to Trump no doubt. But Obamas foreign policy was no better than Bushs.

  • az0bis9 1 year ago

    saying there probably would have been more casualties without the drones doesn’t make them right

  • Mensur Arslani 1 year ago

    Ahhh yes! Our ; Nobel peace president; he was so tormented about using the drones on people, but being a such a deep thinker , he could not allow the Afghani children to bomb our subways . He had to protect America . He is so full of it but in a intellectual sense, he measures every word . But the reality is that he was just another killer who hid behind his shiny , meaningless words.what makes him even more evil is the fact that before he droned them, he went on ; peace mission; visit. It’s like somebody coming to your home and check how many of you living there so he can kill you. In a military language we call this a ; limited theater of operation; .

  • GoodNewz 1 year ago

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  • Giuseppe Pandolfo 1 year ago

    Refreshing , to listen president Obama speak. I miss this man so much 😭😭

  • Joe Nietzsche 1 year ago

    The one remaining question about the drone program I have is, he says drones strikes are preferable to conventional methods of war, on which agree, but the US wasn’t at war with Pakistan or Yemen or many of the other countries where strikes occurred. Even if you call it a war on terrorism, which is as stupid as the war on drugs but okay, it is police work, not soldier work. Is it really necessary for the police to use drones?

  • Brian Messemer 1 year ago

    8:16 “Apparatus” of security. Oh how refreshing it is to hear intelligent, eloquent conversation.

  • millieo 1 year ago

    It’s a verbal momento mori.

  • Ted Yang 1 year ago

    Obama is a president that you can fall asleep watching. Biden probably will be too, since he is “sleepy Joe”.
    Congrats Americans, you’re going to sleep at night again.

  • black Buddha 1 year ago

    What a clear ,honest interview

  • Linda Hendricks 1 year ago

    How on Earth did we get from 44 to 45? How do Trump’s people not see what a moron he is?

  • Bailey Thomas 1 year ago

    The reason Barrack has two enormous ears and one tiny mouth is because he listens to others more than he speaks

  • a adezo 1 year ago

    What he could have done, if he wasn’t conistrande by so called white fragility ?

  • Hakim 1 year ago

    That’s what we’re calling it? “The Drone Program”? Nice euphemism.

  • jacenty3590 1 year ago

    10:10 Everybody playing gets the same river card Stephen 😉


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