President-Elect Trump’s Prospective Cabinet of Deplorables: The Daily Show

Published on November 17, 2016

President-elect Trump reportedly eyes alt-right figure Steve Bannon for his administration, and GOP leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refuse to disavow the divisive pick.

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  • Just Me 3 years ago

    Why were Rudy bottom teeth yellow and his top row white?

  • Alex Oelkers 3 years ago

    This shit was months ago and he STILL hasn’t finished putting together a administration, its taken long than any president in modern history because he has NO IDEA what the hell he is doing!

  • JuzTroublez 3 years ago

    i hate this fucker

  • ThatOneChannel 3 years ago

    that senator is so dumb

  • Kordelia Stark 3 years ago

    Steve Bannon looks like Sam Healy. Ew

  • E EE 3 years ago

    Well done.. Way to speak up!

  • Lonely Wolf 3 years ago

    presenting the legion of doom and injustice

  • gixxer6000 3 years ago

    America needs a batman. I mean you allready got a joker as the president so..

  • Edmond Pecot Jr. 3 years ago

    choo choo!!!

  • Brennan Escobar 3 years ago

    Charlottesville is the KKK taking off their hoods and going crazy

  • nicholas schoonbeck 3 years ago

    Its terrible that I’m watching this so long after it aired & he was right, Nazis had marches with no masks.

  • Samuel Robinson 2 years ago

    Luvin the David Attenborough reference!!

  • Bo Lee 2 years ago

    excuse me. but i don’t get the joke “last names are first names”. does he mean his last name is actually Trevor and jon stewart’s is jon?

  • Stephen The Stallion 2 years ago

    7:40 The look on Mitch McConnell’s face………..?

  • Swanky Pants 2 years ago

    So I’m from Wisconsin, and I don’t like Paul Ryan for tons of reasons. That being said, I respect him. He tried his hardest to keep Trump out, but when that failed he decided to faithfully (also blindly) follow his President. He looks dumb as hell though lol for doing a complete 180.

  • Adrianne Quinlan 2 years ago

    Steve Bannon may be openly racist, but he may also be secretly leading the clandestine activities of the “secret society.”

  • fusa lovely 2 years ago

    So nobody is gonna comment on the discrimination against John Oliver from the “Our last names are first names” club???

  • Tucker Bowen 2 years ago

    that’s a fair and reasonable argument, Roy, but you’re forgetting how Trump and his people have an uncanny ability to deny the most blatant, plain-as-day kind of facts in existence

  • Mel Raophala 2 years ago

    Omarosa next, the foreshadowing

  • WAHuigi 2 years ago

    XD , how did roy know about omarosa XD XD


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