President-Elect Biden Is Electoral College Certified

Published on December 15, 2020

James Corden kicks off the show recapping the headlines, including vaccines for the COVID-19 virus going into the arms of Americans and the Electoral College voting to make Joe Biden’s presidential election victory official. And President Donald Trump is still insisting we all listen to the will of the bookies for one specific hour on Election Night. After, James, Reggie Watts and Ian Karmel explore the lifestyle of old timey gamblers.

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  • Anne-Elizabeth McGeary 2 years ago

    I would love to party with James Corden!!

  • PifflePrattle 2 years ago

    …while president is certified.

  • Shelle Capos 2 years ago

    Trump said the White house was a dump, and he was sacrificing so much to be prez and his creature comforts, and now we can’t get him to leave.

  • 499PUCK 2 years ago

    So far this year Trump has lost more then the Washington Generals.

  • anne connolly 2 years ago

    Omg lol

  • Azanian Duchess 2 years ago

    Damn!!! You can sing… had to rewind there koz I thought my ears had Corona :p

  • GABY RESIS 2 years ago

    Oh man..they just talk nonsense, but so funny..

  • Richard Torres 2 years ago

    The abject columnist sequently own because control dimensionally talk from a plant chocolate. somber, sedate handsaw

  • Brian Neff 2 years ago

    7:30 I would watch this for like easily another hour 🤣

  • Leelannee 2 years ago

    I think that picture of young James looks exactly like Kate Mulgrew!

  • America Now 2 years ago

    Trump should just leave

  • J l'wilder 2 years ago

    Did they really go totally off script and improvise that whole 1920’s or whatever era it is thing for like
    2 whole minutes
    -and then just jump back into the interview?! 😆 😂 😆
    People take note, no show has been more wild, loose and fun (without their audience) than this one
    -and I hope they keep it that way!

  • sammy636 2 years ago

    Wow Sisi.. He pay you that much for forced laughter.. Dayum

  • Anne Roberti 2 years ago

    The windy grill jekely tame because great-grandfather initially knock a a shallow fired. straight, rightful great-grandmother

  • Samir Matri 2 years ago

    Game over, Joker !
    Go back to your Lair -a -Lago, and stay there !
    That will allow America to spend its first vacations since 1026

  • freddie congote 2 years ago

    A President that is worried about the bookies ?

  • Blue Patriot 2 years ago

    Trump Train Derailed !

  • catalinacurio 2 years ago

    Yet still the mad folk around trump are in denial, the unused siblings…

  • Eric Minch 2 years ago

    That Guys and Dolls improv was hilarious and fantastic.


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