President Biden Doesn’t Think the Country Is Going into a Recession

Published on July 27, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, July 26.

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  • kennyn19 11 months ago

    Trump isn’t pro anything. Decidedly amateur.

  • OMG 11 months ago

    Biden plans to bring America to the grave with him

  • Sparky's Malarkey 11 months ago

    Dang, 911 is not that hard to remember. We could have raised the curve a little bit.

  • J Sch 11 months ago

    I love how now when a joke doesnt land he stares at who we now know are his writers and physically blames them with great timing thereby landing the previouslu unlandable joke.geeenyus!

  • nk mk 11 months ago

    Hey seth why doesn’t Frisbie do back in my day with you?
    how do you think Frisbie feels about you working with abother dog

  • bubblesezblonde 11 months ago

    2:08 ~ Scollins!!!!!

  • Rose Smith 11 months ago

    “God willing”? Jesus, I wish they would stop depending on a Myth for everything and put some real back work into this country!

  • MAX BLACK 11 months ago


  • KishCom 11 months ago

    I feel sad for Seth when he waits for the audience to laugh after a joke.

  • RIXRADvidz 11 months ago

    WHY ARE YOU LETTING THE GRANDPARENTS RUN THE COUNTRY? They don’t share your views or values, they’ve made a mess they’ll never clean up because they’re too worried about re-election and doing the Lobbyists bidding. GET THE GRANDPARENTS OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT Vote Blue 2022 2024 SAVE YOURSELF no, really.

  • unknownopinionoid 11 months ago

    Lookn like Biden should have stayed out of burnie sanders way now what Biden needs a to is fire Kamala and hire whoever burnie was gonna have as vice president asap at the very least he can do that

  • Florida Violets 11 months ago

    People need to memorize the important phone numbers. I almost died in a vehicle accident 2 years ago and while I was waiting for the jaws of life, a bystander asked if there was anyone she wanted me to call. I began reciting my mom and husband’s phone numbers. My phone was missing.

  • eric vulgate 11 months ago

    I trust dementia joe.

  • Tomatopotato 121 11 months ago

    You can’t fix stupid

  • The Bunz 11 months ago

    By definition we are already in one. These clowns are just changing the definition, ie lying.


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