Post-American World, Never-Trumpers, Minority Republicans | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 9, 2018

Bill and his Real Time panelists – Michael Eric Dyson, John Heilemann, Shermichael Singleton, Linda Chavez, and Fareed Zakaria – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Anthony Watson 8 months ago

    Its time for the GOP to get off their ass (talking to you Ryan and McConnel) and end this clown show led by King Trump and his gang of thugs. Enough is enough.

  • GDI 8 months ago

    If you haven’t seen “Quest for Fire” you absolutely should. It’s a great movie

  • Anaga! 8 months ago

    Democrats need to be realistic and stop viewing the world through rose colored glasses. A lack of motivation/mobilization will lead to another loss in Congress. Enough of focusing on Trump this and Trump that, we need to focus on our own strategy for making America great again. No one is America wants to hear the continued narrative of negativity. We need to realistic but we need to be positive and ON our game. That means stop beating dead horses and promoting old guard and in with the new. Also we all get it, Trump is not optimal but wanting the country to fail is really selfish and will honestly be self defeating in the election. Since when are we incapable of going high when they go low??

  • New Message 8 months ago

    All Trump really did was toss away the false civility, and pretense of high intelligence. When you stop trying to play that hoity-toity game, people see it as the ‘honesty’ that they’ve always wanted from politicians, and you are free to REALLY start lying.

  • Pazuzu6 8 months ago

    Fareed nailed it. Brilliant guy!

  • Shelton Moss 8 months ago

    I thought Fareed (and the white dude) made some really good points about immigration earlier in the show. The Democrats come across as soft on this issue; whenever it comes up it seems like they just want to go for sob stories that make people sad, and act like anyone who crosses the Rio Grande is nothing short of a hero. But that’s not a campaign strategy. They need to point out a) that Trump’s promises to secure the border were complete bullshit, and b) go off on Trump for separating families and detaining children. It isn’t enough to just show pictures of people crying on MSNBC, they need to actually point out that Trump, Arpaio, and co. are thugs and criminals who don’t care about keeping our country safe.

  • AndJusticeforAll567 8 months ago

    Ugh. Not that race-baiting moron Michael Eric Dyson. Can’t take a word from him seriously after his “debate” with Peterson.

  • Mythical Vigilante 8 months ago

    Wow. Surprised Dyson would even show his face after that Munk debate..

  • Robeon Mew 8 months ago

    20 comments in 12 minutes? I expected more

  • Daniel Strain 8 months ago

    Russia has wanted to destabilize NATO, its chief adversary, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trump started off saying NATO was of questionable value, tried to step back America’s support of the alliance, and now he’s creating tariffs, backing out of treaties, and causing diplomatic animosity between all of our allies. This is a direct threat to our security. None of Trump’s moves make sense but consider them in conjunction with (1) his removing condemnation of Russia’s land-grab from Ukraine from the Republican platform; and (2) refusing to pursue action against them for election meddling. All of his efforts are a checklist of Russia’s agenda.

  • Zachary Xavier 8 months ago

    Post American world will be fine, once we get rid of Trumpty Dumpty. But sadly, we all have to spend the next few years cleaning up his mess.

  • duckiedale80 8 months ago

    Nice to see a sane black republican who isn’t a Trump humping Uncle Tom like West and Carson. Props to him and Steele. Country before party from an indie.

  • Moses King 8 months ago

    I’ll keep voting for Trump as long as he gets his agenda done. Once he passes the Muslim ban, and makes abortion illegal I don’t care. Democracy has failed this country. If Trump becomes a dictator, I could care less. Anything to keep a Democrat from getting in office.


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