Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look



  • roger peet 3 years ago

    As long as the evil GOP is in office, these shootings will never stop. The GOP is a bunch of spineless slaves to big money.

  • m r 3 years ago

    and remember- we have stricter gun laws than the uk yet their crime rates are lower- why cant they entertain the fact that maybe its the society were living in

  • Rico Castañon 3 years ago

    Trump you are the HATE…??

  • End-Gamer 3 years ago

    Melania’s face looks like Michael Jackson’s face…I cant believe people think she is hot. She looks like 40 miles of bad road.

  • Shady Lady 3 years ago

    What are these people smoking? Video games and mental illness are the root of these mass shootings. Are they on crack?

  • C Fields 3 years ago

    BTW, AG Dan Patrick failed as a TV Sportscaster then went to Radio Talk Show Host. How he got elected is also unbelievable.

  • Kazuma The Great Player 3 years ago

    Blood is forever on Trump and GOP/NRA hands.

  • Grizz Man 3 years ago

    You will never stop shootings like this. Its impossible!! Like a suicide bomber!! Carry you own and do ur best to protect yourself

  • Stephen Thompson 3 years ago

    You can’t blame the politicians entirely. A lot of the blame can be put on those Americans who don’t vote. Those 90% of Americans to which you refer should register and vote.

  • Ben Dover 3 years ago

    Seth =FAGG

  • Bruce Fulper 3 years ago


  • Nick Wash 3 years ago

    Republicans are no more !!! They have Shape-shifted into filthy worms residing in Trump’s BUTT.

    Whoever the Democrat candidate will be, the strategy forward is to constantly ask Trump and the people Do you want another 4 years of someone claiming to do or have done something while he did nothing and continue with :
    – Where is the fabulous Healthcare plan, the great Infrastructure plan, How is that Wall coming along, Can we see the cheque Mexico send for the Wall, How is the new NAFTA working out,
    Where are all those Clean Coal Mining jobs, where are all those jobs of countries coming back to the USA, Can you give us the name of the Trump employment plan, How is the trickle down from the tax cuts working out, Those easy to win tariff wars are they over yet and did we win.
    Don’t tell him and the npeople he is a bad man, just let him do it himself. Ask him to recite either the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem since he claims to be such a patriot

  • biggknife 3 years ago

    594 people and counting are for mass shootings apparently…..

  • blackfire 3 years ago

    Don’t worry God will judge everybody, everybody.

  • Peter Alderson 3 years ago

    Open Carry solves all these problems.

  • Pennywise The Clown 3 years ago

    You americains feel it is a right to own guns and not a priveledge, deal with the outcomes. I feel bad for the mass shootings, but they are so common I scroll through the news feeds.

  • Alexandr Kovalenko 3 years ago

    No. Right to defend is the fundamental right. If you have anything against it – please meet me in the Mojave desert, 1 hour from any human outpost.
    Then I will ask you – can you survive here? (And I will have desert eagle)

  • Chris Leedham 3 years ago

    Until we Americans vote the Republicans out these mass shootings will continue until Democrats can finally change gun laws…

  • Erik Stone 3 years ago

    Video games and mental illness are not the problem. Why is this such a big problem in the US? The rest of the world has video games and mental illness, and they don’t have the scope of this problem that the US has. Women make up half the population. Are they immune to mental illness? Why aren’t they going on mass killings at the same rate as men? I do know that we have more guns than any other country in the world. It’s a simple math problem that I learned in a college statistics course. The more guns you have, the more opportunity for those guns to go off. Doesn’t matter if they’re pointed at good guys, bad guys, unsupervised toddlers, etc. The ratio is higher that they will go off because there are so many of them. You know where guns don’t get fired? Places where there are no guns. LOL, it really is just as simple as that.

  • Carl Senawo 3 years ago

    Ppl are dying due to the domestic white supremacists, influenced by the daily racism and bigotry displayed from the guy at the WH at the hands of military style guns


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