Plot Roulette with Kevin Bacon

Published on July 1, 2019

In this Late Show spin on the casino game, we challenge legendary actor Kevin Bacon to identify plot lines from some of his most popular films and series, including his newest project, Showtime’s “City On A Hill.” #Colbert #KevinBacon #PlotRoulette

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  • Ryan Bruns 4 months ago

    Kevin you need to do something with it tremors franchises I don’t even care what it is, if it’s good or bad it just needs to be done.

  • Marion Thomas 4 months ago

    Kevin Bacon is a fantastic Actor.. Just fantastic 👏👏I ‘ve been a fan since day one..i watch anything with his name in it he Neva disappoints me either hes quite scary and so believable that I scream through most of the movie.. 🤗😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jef Schobert 4 months ago

    Spill that wine..melody

    I before me was strolling through the ether
    One very nice summer like day
    When I thought I’d sign up to reincarnate
    At the entrance given a tall contract
    I read there in the sun fingers caressing my fate
    Feeling asheep any choice I dreamed
    Check here for being in a Hollywood movie
    Check here to be the star of that movie
    Check here to blow your mind
    The fact that I could be anything
    Long haired freaking on A I-phone
    Or being a star in my own band groovy, hmm
    Which box to check, so I went to a help place
    Located in Hall of king of kings
    I stood next to a black holes top
    People always jumping in
    In front of me bunch of girls
    Check here to be a white one, tan one
    Red one, brown one, black one
    Found one, huggy one, crazy one
    Last page of contract was a Red Box
    Someone shook their head no
    Then they said
    Check a box, take a step. Check a box, take a step, check a box, take a step, check a box, take a step
    Thought to myself the red one can’t mean
    Not like I’ll go crazy or lost somewhere
    So I took the pen in my hand and then..
    Heard someone say NOT THAT ONE NO WAY
    check a box, take a step, check a box, take a step, check a box, take a step, check a box, take a step
    I could feel the black holes force
    Pulling at my back
    A line of people disappearing
    Now soon to return
    My turn was coming up needed to sign
    I flipped to the last page
    And there a large Red Box
    Saying All Thee Above
    Raised my pen to sign it
    And as I checked it Trumpets Blared
    He checked the box, regret it for sure
    Checked the box, regret it for sure
    Checked the box, regret it for sure
    Checked the box, regret it for sure
    Come on jump inside
    Take that step, yeah
    It’s all on you now
    All you had to do
    Was not check that box
    But checked that box
    Check that box
    You checked that box

  • Marilyn Harris 4 months ago

    Love “City on the Hill”.

  • Rick Johnson 4 months ago

    Those weren’t exactly tough—-I guessed them all and I’ve only actually seen a couple of them.

  • Mission Blonde 4 months ago

    ❤️ City on the Hill

  • Todd Taliaferro 4 months ago

    Kevin Bacon never seems to age!

  • Randel Carpio 4 months ago

    Wow never been this early

  • Scott Walton 4 months ago

    It’s a bit with bacon. ITS Bacon Bits

  • Mr Glass 4 months ago

    Kevin Bacon the most essential part of the Avengers

  • Don Lew 4 months ago

    *Down Dee Down Dee Down Dee* “everybody get FOOT LOOSE!”

  • 건Korean ChangGun 창 4 months ago

    You are Amazing

  • DungeonStudio 4 months ago

    Young man submits himself to sadistic rights…? A New Yorker competes against a stranger for a cab….? A young gay man has the hots for the D.A….? Supposedly Sidney Poitier’s son winds up befriending a white couple…? Scratch that one – close though!

  • Cheryl Sibson 4 months ago

    Great shows Kevin Bacon, Meanwhile, Happy Canada Day!

  • AliasUndercover 4 months ago


  • Cold Wntr 4 months ago

    Sister in law hates u and she plays a bad prank on u…my favorite movie ever.

  • jacob stewart 4 months ago

    I’m disappointed that mystic river wasn’t one of them.

  • New Message 4 months ago

    I have a gambling problem too.. I guess I’m just one degree from him after all!


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