Plot Roulette with Jeff Goldblum

Published on August 19, 2019

In this Late Show spin on the casino game we challenge the illustrious and enigmatic actor Jeff Goldblum to identify plot lines from some of his most iconic films, including his latest cinematic endeavor, “The Mountain.”

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  • VodkaHindJelly 3 years ago

    He looks green in this video. I knew he was an alien.

  • Johnson Johnson 3 years ago

    I totally thought the one about the doctor was The Fly

  • nina d 3 years ago

    Love this guy so much ❤️

  • Flame Beats 3 years ago

    Jeff sniffs a talking dog.

    Name that movie!

  • Anna Hoffman 3 years ago

    Jeff Goldblum is my dad

  • Richard Darlington 3 years ago

    Complete the following:
    If everyone were like Jeff Goldblum…

  • Tugis Art Studio 3 years ago

    Why is The Fly always on your show?

  • RIXRADvidz 3 years ago

    Jeff gets a little more and a little more mad every year. Encroaching Insanity is a LOT of Fun. here, sit here with me, I’ll tell you all about it. there’s all kinds of fun and excitement, the people are usually really nice, they nod and smile a lot, it’s all very polite. would like a cookie with your tea? I’m afraid I’m out of biscuits, do you take lemon or milk?

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker 3 years ago

    I can’t take him seriously after his role as The Grandmaster from Thor Ragnorak. His voice is very soothing though.

  • Darrell Powell 3 years ago

    Living Legend!

  • Michael Newell 3 years ago

    Earth Girls Are Easy!.

  • falcore91 3 years ago

    I actually didn’t get the Thor one. Good catch on his part.

  • Doris 3 years ago

    Why do I still say he is sexy as hell?

  • Hansen Says Take A Seat 3 years ago

    Jeff Goldblum for president 2020

  • Victor Silva 3 years ago

    Que figura

  • Eri Layco 3 years ago

    Jeff Goldblum? *stops everything to instantly click*

  • New Message 3 years ago

    “Doctor Something Something” was the name of my old Villains and Vigilantes character.

  • painedumonde 3 years ago

    The man is a walking definition of high on life!

  • Kellin Patler 3 years ago

    I could listen to Jeff Goldblum talk for hours.

  • CybershamanX 3 years ago

    Jesus, I want to hang out with Jeff Goldblum SO BAD! He’s just so full of life that it’s mesmerising. He sucks you in against your will. (As if anyone would ever really want to try to stop him! 😛 ) But, he’s like a reverse vampire: he draws you in seductively, regardless of your sexual orientation, and then…he gives _you_ his “blood” in the form of sheer raw charismatic energy. It’s a wonder the guy isn’t physically mauled whenever he goes out in public. He seems to take it in stride, though, but that’s just yet _one more thing_ thing that makes him so goddamn appealing. His manner of speaking is getting more pronounced with age, too. It’s going to get to a point where everything he’ll say will simply consist of “Ooos”, “Ahhhs”, “Umms”, and “Now, now, now, let’s see…”, but people will _still_ love him (even more!) despite that fact that he won’t really be saying anything of actual substance. And then someday he’ll go _Full-Jeff-Goldblum-Critical-Mass_ and after that happens when people ask him a question all he’ll do is simply ever so slooooowly lean back, somehow seem to settle into his chair even more comfortably than he already appeared to be, and THEN…just simply smile… And we’ll all, every last one of us, STILL eat it up! You know, I don’t believe in actual magic, but whatever it is that made physical matter take this form of what we call Jeff Goldblum is about the closest that I’ll ever come to admitting that magic is real! Stay awesome, Jeff! 😉


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