Please Allow Me to Introduce Yourself: Kyrsten Sinema | The Daily Show

Published on October 26, 2021

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is one of two people standing in the way of President Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill. Here’s everything you need to know about Senator Sinema, a once-committed progressive who now changes her political beliefs like they’re wigs. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #KyrstenSinema




  • Beauty & Beyond 2 years ago

    She is a despicable disgrace, sell out DINO! I just can’t, it’s so disgusting to me how ppl sell out for the almighty dollar; the almighty dollar and the detriment to actual human beings who are struggling. She will reap what she has sown – guaranteed. The love of money truly is the root of all evil.

  • Tyler G 2 years ago

    She lost my support. I’ll be voting against her in the primaries and 3rd party in the senate race if she still wins.

    Because at least if she loses to a Republican, we can get a real progressive the next go around.

  • Lisa Harvey 2 years ago

    Krysten Sinema is working for the GOP against Biden.

  • Ellen Eilbracht 2 years ago

    I may never be able to return to the US. I am so ashamed of ignorant people like Sinema who care more about money now than the possible extinction of the human race in few more years.

  • Jefuslives 2 years ago

    More of a sphincter than a sphinx if you ask me.

  • Chels ea 2 years ago

    Lol I love my android #TeamAndroid lol

  • Belinda Green 2 years ago

    She supported every issue that would move her to the front of the line. SAD.

  • Rock Lockster 2 years ago

    mmm, delicious delicious money.

  • Simon Garrett 2 years ago


  • Maigeru 2 years ago

    The HBO app IS messed up haha

  • Soma 2 years ago

    It’s simple- the lobbyists.

  • Van Families 2 years ago

    This isn’t helping. She wants the attention and fame that’s coming from all this. Getting Trevor to talk about it is only gonna make her keep going.

  • DreamRocker 2 years ago

    Sin enema is taking food out of our mouth , denying poor people a chance to live and denying medical perscriptions to stay low , we can’t hardly make it thru each month . She and Man-chin need to step down

  • Newton DelMar 2 years ago

    She’s getting a lot of heat from her voters and other Dems…
    She is in bed with “Big Pharma”…so now she has to choose either to do “the right thing
    for America” …
    To forever sell her soul to private interest groups and lobbyist $$…
    Stay tuned America 🙂

  • Michael james 2 years ago

    Will someone, PLEASE, set up a GoFundMe, to buy the votes of Sinema and Manchin. It wouldn’t cost that much and I for one, would chip in.

  • Ken Wright 2 years ago

    Trump spent 7 Trillion $ in 4 years , and you didn’t get any of it .

  • Ivonne D 2 years ago

    She needs to be voted out


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