Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson Responds to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Published on June 27, 2022

Seth and Late Night writers Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hagel and Ally Hord welcome president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson, to share her thoughts on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and offers ways people can take action.

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  • Kaylei Burke 11 months ago

    Why is she saying “right?” after every sentence? It’s REALLY annoying and downplays a really important message.

  • Lindsay Eller 11 months ago

    All this decision will do is ruin people’s lives.

  • Weston Weston 11 months ago

    Yes, Seth Meyers!

  • SnacKing 11 months ago

    America is slowly changing into a dictatorship.

  • J L 11 months ago

    Once again, Seth shows the rest up. Love you.

  • Joshua Phillips 11 months ago

    I’m with burning it all to the ground.

  • sancho sanchez 11 months ago

    Wtf is this? Start pulling out…wear condoms. Stop killing babies because you cant keep your legs closed

  • ruby smoke 11 months ago

    I am 72 and i was pregnant at 18. This was 3 years before Roe. I had this baby and she was adopted by a family arranged by my doctor. The family knew i really did not want to give her up and it was a heartbreaking few years. through kindness and perseverance I met my daughter. Skipping a lot here today She calls me mother and we have been close for 40 years. I support abortion rights for women and from personal experience things are not as they seem. My greatest desire now is that all these folks who have supported the repeal of Roe find the way to now extend kindness and support to those women who have to make this choice. they need us now more than ever.

  • JustTrollingAlong 11 months ago

    Hundreds of thousand of men are about to be forced to pay child support.
    That or get a vasectomy.

  • Mrs. Null and Void 11 months ago

    Texas doesn’t care even if you’re impregnated by incest and you are a 12-year-old and rape pregnancies Texas doesn’t care about the life of the mother they only care about the life of a baby and a woman can give up her life for her baby no if and or buts that’s Texas and that’s disgusting to me

  • Stefan C. 11 months ago

    The saddest part is that you might think that the democrats would help you to secure abortion rights. But then you find out they just use this opportunity to fund raise and act like they cant do anything about it. While they suppress(ed) the ones who saw this coming and actively demanded for a fight.
    Meanwhile, people chanting “freedom” while on the way to build a surveillance state. Or how do you think this will work if a state decides to make abortion for each citizen illegal? How do you find out about the most intimate details of someone else’s life? Abortion rights are just the beginning and those who pushed for it, will soon find out what they really supported. But then it will be too late.
    Fight now, fight hard. Abortion rights are far more than just women’s issues even tho it is an issue that should exclusively depend on the woman and not a single man should have a voice in that. Dont let those states get away with it!

  • JustTrollingAlong 11 months ago

    Wyoming is going after contraception.

  • Paul C 11 months ago

    This is so important, access to abortion CARE is not only a right it is a much needed procedure. Many times it can be the difference between life and death for the prospective mother. It could condemn a child (mother) to an abomination of a life. When I was in grade 8 a former classmate got pregnant. Abortion was not yet legal here, I never heard what happened to her and her baby. I hope it worked out.
    An x girlfriend of mine (who I have a very close sibling like relationship with now) got pregnant from her current lover, he pressured her into getting an abortion at the same time his wife was pregnant with his 2nd child. (She didn’t know that at the time). Had she spoken to me before I would have encouraged her to keep the baby and adopted it as my own, single dad or not. Not because I am anti abortion I’m pro but because I still love her that much and I think the world of the future would benefit from a little bit of her going forward. Abortion, heck pregnancy is a very complex issue. Many changes occur not just physical but mental, financial. A kid means you need more space, you can’t party as much, you need to start thinking about someone who can’t care for themself, planning for the future.
    To foist that on a teenager or even 20 something who hasn’t even got a grip on their own life is just plain unconscionable. These states that have banned abortion are just wrong. If they want to do that then they also need to fully embrace Medicare for all, fully fund child care , housing subsidies and raise their minimum wages to a living wage and tie it to inflation.
    That might make their stance on abortion survivable for the victims of it.
    Sorry for the long post thumbs up if you stuck with it.

  • J. M. 11 months ago

    Kudos to Seth for allowing his female writers to take over the program tonight at this crucial time in our country’s history!

  • William Jones 11 months ago

    Start calling in abortion complaints about the relatives and employees of anyone who helped bring this about, call frequently, DDoS these fascists. Give their police departments so many complaints that they can’t possibly follow up on any of them at all, or else it will be their only job.


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